Snap Survey Software How-to: Use Interlocking Quotas in Online Surveys

Use interlocking quotas to limit responses in online surveys 

In our how-to blog on Friday, January 11, Snap Survey Software How-to: Limit the Number of Respondents in an Online Survey we discussed times when a specified sample of Snap WebHost online survey respondents is required. For example, you may wish to limit the numbers of males and females completing your online surveys, or limit the numbers in each age group. For this, you can simply set-up a quota. Quotas may be used to limit the number of respondents in identified categories in a single question.

We have developed a subsequent worksheet where we describe how to limit the number of respondents in a Snap WebHost online survey in multiple categories, for example, by gender and age. This is known as an interlocking quota. Continue reading

5 Reasons to Conduct Online Surveys

Why conduct online surveys with survey software?  Here are 5 reasons.

Advanced online survey software has been designed to help users design and administer online surveys that can:

1. Cost-effectively develop and send multiple online surveys, or send multiple versions of an online survey

With online survey software, you have the ability to edit online surveys quickly and simply. Snap Survey Software offers built-in questions in the form of SurveyPak libraries give users easy access to many pre-written questions.   SurveyPak libraries contain frequently used questions that can be copied directly into a survey, avoiding the need to develop the question from scratch. You can then edit the question within the survey. With any advanced online survey software solution, you can also send multiple versions of your survey, depending on what you want to discover or who you want to target. Continue reading

Have You Tried Mobile Surveys Yet?

It’s about time to give mobile surveys a try!

Give your respondents the flexibility to access mobile surveys on-the-go. Surveys are delivered directly to respondents’ mobile devices, and can be completed at their convenience. Easily connect and engage with your audience. Mobile surveys give you  access to respondents and survey data with more flexibility, at a faster rate or return, and at economical costs. Continue reading

8 Tips for Administering Employee Surveys

Learn About the Types of Employee Surveys and Tips for Administration

When designed and administered correctly, employee surveys can be used by any business or organization to solicit invaluable, constructive feedback, and can function as an effective employee performance management tool. Organizations can use employee feedback – such as comments, opinions, behaviors, and suggestions – to create important strategies to help improve employee retention, increase productivity, create a cohesive work environment, as well as provide a benchmark to measure continued improvement.

Types of Employee Surveys

Employee Satisfaction Surveys data is used to increase productivity, job satisfaction, and loyalty. Employee satisfaction surveys identify the root causes of employee satisfaction and target those areas.

Employee Attitude Surveys identify the root causes of workplace attitudes, providing a way to improve employee productivity and commitment to work. Continue reading

Your Ticket to Survey Software Resources

Access Several Survey Software Resources 

What survey software solution provides a variety of resources? With Snap Survey Software, you can access an abundance of information, from survey design tips to videos and software training opportunities. You can access our online resources to help you make the most of your survey software.


Videos: Video help and associated worksheets.

Worksheets: Step-by-step guides to getting more from your survey software.

Customer forum: Swap ideas and experiences with other software users. Continue reading

Snap Survey Software Online Training Opportunities

We offer several options for survey software training. Schedule an online survey software training today.

Snap Surveys offers online training. Training classes are offered in sessions scheduled at the customer’s request and can be customized to your specific needs. Training topics include the following:

  • Snap Survey Software – Snap Professional
  • Snap for Paper Survey Scanning
  • Snap for Online Surveys
  • Snap for Mobile Surveys
  • Snap WebHost – Online survey management
  • Snap Analysis

Whether it is a satisfaction survey, product survey, employee survey, or classroom evaluation, our professional trainers can provide you with the proper survey software training to make your survey research project a success.

We also offer in-house trainings at any of our office locations, including London, UK, Bristol, UK, and Portsmouth, NH, US. Additionally, we offer onsite training for two or more individuals at your location. Contact use today to discuss your survey software training options. Continue reading

New Blog Series: 10 Issues to Consider when Designing Online Surveys, Issue #1

What are the 10 Issues to Consider when Designing Online Surveys, Post 1 of 10

The sudden arrival of so many online survey solutions and various online survey tools has created the false impression that anyone can write a good quality survey. How hard can it be, right? The reality is, there are many important practical issues to consider when designing an online survey to ensure you collect the highest quality data possible.

Throughout this blog series, we will cover the 10 issues that arise in online survey design.

Issue #1: Data collection method

The method in which you conduct your survey can have a significant impact on the feedback you receive. Some questions may draw different answers if asked in a paper survey, an online survey, or in a telephone and face-to-face interview. In online surveys, paper surveys, or mobile surveys, visual design elements have a major impact on how questions are read and interpreted by survey respondents. In telephone or face-to-face interviews, words are given more importance because of the conversational format. When designing an online survey or mobile survey, be aware of the types of questions you are asking, and ensure that they are in-line with your method of online data collection.

Helpful resource: Improve Online Surveys through Customized Survey Design Features

Online Survey Software to Create Compensation Surveys

Use online survey software to create compensation surveys 

Why are online compensation surveys important for business? If your business wants to become or remain competitive within their industry, the business needs to conduct regular compensation surveys.

Establishing a fair compensation level for employees is essential for any business. If your business underpays employees, you may find your employees seeking opportunities elsewhere for a higher paying position within another company, and potentially for competitor.  On the contrary, if your business overpays employees with regard to salary and benefits, the payroll budget and profitability of your business may suffer greatly. For these reasons, to best determine fair compensation for your employees, many companies use an online survey software solution to design and administer regular compensation surveys to gauge the compensation levels of all jobs offered in the company. Continue reading

8 Steps to Conduct a New Product Market Research Survey

Conduct a New Product Market Research Survey in 8 Steps

New product market research surveys are used to collect consumer feedback about a new product or a new product concept. The product can be anything from a household item such as food or a toy, to larger item such as a kitchen appliance or television. Whatever the product may be, small or large, the process of managing the new product market research survey will remain the same, from start to finish.

Process of managing a new product market research survey

  1. Choose your preferred survey method: online survey, paper survey, mobile survey, phone survey, face-to-face interview, etc. Online surveys and mobile surveys can be more cost effective. However, remember, keep your target respondents in mind. Some consumers may not have access to a computer or mobile device. Some respondents may be more accessible through mailed paper surveys.
  2. Discuss the survey with other department managers such as product managers, marketing, advertising, sales, engineering, and finance. Managers from other departments will have insight into the information they want to obtain from the product research survey. As the market researcher, you can take the information you gather from the managers and turn it into properly phrased and formatted question types. Continue reading

Bias in Face to Face Customer Satisfaction Surveys

Is there bias in face to face customer satisfaction surveys?

Let’s say you decide to try a new restaurant. The friendly waitress suggests wines as well as offers appetizer and dinner specials. You decide to skip the appetizer and just order your main dish off the menu. Your meal arrives promptly with good sized portions, beautifully presented, and your waitress leaves you to enjoy your meal.  There is just one problem. The food tastes horrible! It certainly isn’t the worst meal you have ever had, but it’s a meal that is plain and very little flavor. The restaurant did not make any mistakes, but you have no intention of returning the meal and demanding a new one. Instead, you quietly continue to eat your meal and make a mental note that you would never return to the restaurant. Continue reading