Totalize Respondent Answers As They Complete Your Online Survey

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Many online surveys will ask respondents to rate items on a scale of 1 to 10 and ask that the sum of these items doesn’t go over a certain value.  However, without a running total, it can be hard to tally responses and some respondents may run out of patience for the survey.  This is where survey software with a Totalize tool can come in handy. Having a running total for any number of survey questions is quick and easy.

The Totalize tool is another powerful capability of Snap Survey Software.  With just a few clicks of the mouse, Snap can turn an open-ended question into a running total that updates live on the page.  This can be helpful with rating scale questions, financial questions, or any survey question that asks about how much time was spent on a topic.  Totalize makes the survey easier to complete and the data more reliable.

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To learn how to use Totalize in your surveys using Snap Survey Software:

View our Rating Check worksheet:  Using the Totalize function to add up responses as they arrive

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