Snap WebHost for Survey Management: Our Servers or Yours?

Easily manage your Snap surveys on our secure servers or yours with Snap WebHost

Snap-WebHostTake a look at the unique features of Snap WebHost, Snap Surveys’ online survey management and reporting system. Access to a Snap WebHost subscription enables users to easily upload and administer online surveys, create email invitations and reminders, manage data collection, and create real-time analysis and reports.

Snap WebHost has many advanced features, including:

  • Collect partial response data
  • Track multiple iterations of a survey
  • Seed responses from a database
  • Use patterns to validate open-ended questions
  • Check values of open-ended questions
  • Share real-time analysis and reports with individual clients and stakeholders

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5 Tips to Get Respondents to Complete Your Online Surveys

Convenience can be the key to gathering the feedback you need from online surveys. Follow these 5 tips.

complete-online-surveyToday’s online convenience surveys still play a significant role in data collection across many areas of research. Convenience surveys are an easy way to collect feedback quickly from an easily accessible group of subjects, requiring little effort and time. Convenience surveys, however, can cause a major disadvantage – they are not an accurate representation of the population, which can drastically skew results.

Use of online convenience surveys is quite popular and widespread. While they are not always representative of your larger population, they can be valid under certain circumstances. They’re a good tool to gather feedback on issues that are relevant to your research, and a good method to inspire new ideas.  Continue reading

10 Easy Tips to Design and Launch Online Surveys

Consider these 10 easy tips as you prepare to design and launch your online surveys

With Snap Survey Software, you can create engaging online surveys for any device, including PCs, tablets, and Smartphones. You can create professional, interactive surveys that are targeted to your survey participants.

Before you administer your survey, take into consideration these 10 tips for online survey design and administration.

1. Create a good first impression in the survey email invitation and in the survey

2. Give the survey a short, clear title. A comprehensible survey title will provide more impact to a respondent and give your online survey credibility.

3. Be very clear in your survey instructions. Tell participants how to properly complete the online survey. Use short, direct sentences with simple wording. Continue reading

Why Manage Online Surveys with Survey Software?

There are many reasons why you should conduct online surveys with survey software. They are…

Advanced survey software has all the functionality you need to design, administer, and manage online surveys, and develop usable tables, charts, graphs, and advanced reports. Survey software is a complete solution for feedback management that delivers actionable results.

Here are 5 reasons why you should consider conducting online surveys with Survey Software.

1. Cost-effectively develop and send multiple online surveys, or send multiple versions of an online survey

With survey software, you have the ability to edit online surveys quickly and simply. Snap Survey Software offers built-in question templates that give users easy access to many pre-written questions. online-survey-softwareTemplates contain frequently used questions that can be copied directly into an online survey, avoiding the need to develop the question from scratch. You can then edit the question within the survey. With any advanced online survey software solution, you can also send multiple versions of your survey, depending on what you want to discover or who you want to target. Continue reading

Totalize Respondent Answers As They Complete Your Online Survey

Many online surveys will ask respondents to rate items on a scale of 1 to 10 and ask that the sum of these items doesn’t go over a certain value.  However, without a running total, it can be hard to tally responses and some respondents may run out of patience for the survey. Continue reading