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Today, online surveys are often conducted continuously or on-demand rather than administered periodically. Measuring satisfaction in the aggregate is no longer adequate. Reacting to survey feedback immediately – regardless of whether the feedback is positive or negative – has become the new standard in improving satisfaction on a respondent-by-respondent basis. As with conventional online surveys, survey responses are still compiled and aggregated for reporting purposes.  However, using triggered survey email alerts has changed the dynamic of satisfaction measurment, and has transformed it into a method of intervening to improve satisfaction immediately. 

Many advanced survey software solutions have the capability of setting up triggered email alerts. Trigger email alerts are useful when you want to receive notification each time a specific action takes place in a survey. You can send triggered email alerts to specified email addresses when respondents select a particular answer in an online survey. By receiving this notification moments after a participant has completed the survey, the person receiving the triggered email alert is able to react appropriately with immediate action such as a follow-up call, email, or letter.   

In the alert email you can include data from the survey, for example respondent contact details, or their response to a particular question. For instance, in an automotive customer satisfaction survey, if someone expresses an interest in buying a new car, you could send a triggered email alert with the customer’s details to a salesman or the entire sales staff. Or, in a restaurant satisfaction survey, if a customer is not satisfied with their food selection, you could send an email alert to the chef or restaurant owner.

You can use triggered email alerts to:

  • Notify a specific person, or multiple people such as groups, members, committees, or  departments depending on survey results
  • Send a specific email depending on various conditions, for example, the age or location of the respondent
  • Include a customized email alert message with data from the survey, for example
    • Response to a particular question or set of questions
    • Contact details
    • Demographics
    • A totalized score
  • Or, simply be notified when a survey has been completed.

With Snap Survey Software, you have the opportunity to send triggered email alerts to multiple people or groups, including a customized message within the email alert. You can event set-up multiple alerts to be sent to different people or groups as well. For example, if you want to notify your customer service department when a respondent provides positive feedback, while at the same time, notify the sales team when a respondent is unlikely to purchase a product, this action can easily be set-up within Snap Survey Software.

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