Turn Complaints into Compliments with Automated Email Alerts

Learn how to turn complaints into compliments using Automated Email Alerts in Snap Survey Software

Automated alertsAct fast when participants respond negatively to your online satisfaction survey with Automated Email Alerts. Automated Email Alerts are quick and simple to set-up in Snap Survey Software. They can be triggered by a highly specific answer or a combination of answers, and sent to any valid email address – even the participants own. Email messages can contain pre-written text and survey responses, and include information from your database, for example, a unique ID, name, and contact details. Continue reading

Snap Survey Software How-to: Send Email Alerts Upon Answer Selection

Learn how-to send email alerts when participants select an answer to a survey question or a set of questions using Snap Survey Software

With Snap WebHost, Snap Surveys’ online survey management and analysis system, you can send email invitations to a list of participants in your online survey. It can also send an email to a specific email address if a particular answer is selected. This is known as an ’email alert’.

email-alert-survey-softwareYou can use email alerts to:

  • notify specific people or departments depending on survey results
  • send a specific email depending on various conditions (for example, the age of the participant or where they live).

In addition, you can:

  • include data from the survey in the email (for example, a respondent’s contact details, or their response to a particular question).
  • send the email to an address that was given as a response.

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Send Triggered Email Alerts from Online Survey Responses

Today, online surveys are often conducted continuously or on-demand rather than administered periodically. Measuring satisfaction in the aggregate is no longer adequate. Reacting to survey feedback immediately – regardless of whether the feedback is positive or negative – has become the new standard in improving satisfaction on a respondent-by-respondent basis. As with conventional online surveys, survey responses are still compiled and aggregated for reporting purposes.  However, using triggered survey email alerts has changed the dynamic of satisfaction measurment, and has transformed it into a method of intervening to improve satisfaction immediately.  Continue reading