Snap Survey Software How-to: Send Email Alerts Upon Answer Selection

Learn how-to send email alerts when participants select an answer to a survey question or a set of questions using Snap Survey Software

With Snap WebHost, Snap Surveys’ online survey management and analysis system, you can send email invitations to a list of participants in your online survey. It can also send an email to a specific email address if a particular answer is selected. This is known as an ’email alert’.

email-alert-survey-softwareYou can use email alerts to:

  • notify specific people or departments depending on survey results
  • send a specific email depending on various conditions (for example, the age of the participant or where they live).

In addition, you can:

  • include data from the survey in the email (for example, a respondent’s contact details, or their response to a particular question).
  • send the email to an address that was given as a response.

Email alerts are a very useful capability. For example, if someone expresses an interest in buying a new car, you could send an alert email with their details to the salesman, or if someone is not satisfied with a food item they ordered at a restaurant, you could send an alert email to the restaurant manager.

We have developed a worksheet describing how you can set-up email alerts in your next online survey using Snap Survey Software.

The steps in the worksheet include:

>> Worksheet: Sending email alerts if participants select an answer

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