Are You Using Social Media to Administer Online Surveys?

Engage with you customers by administering your online surveys through social media

Are you currently engaging with your customers through top social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, or perhaps Pinterest?  Is social media a main component of your overall marketing plan? If your answer is “no,” did you know that at least 8 in 10 online users engage in some form of social media, with North America, Europe, metro Asia, and Latin America being regular users. In fact, more than 86% of US adult online users and 79% of European adult online users engage in social media.
Harness this engagement by incorporating online surveys into your social media marketing plans. Conducting online surveys can elevate your social media activities to a whole new level. Whether you conduct a one question online poll or a full online survey, conducting surveys via social media is a way to engage with your customers. Below are strategies to develop, incorporate, and promote one question online polls or online surveys into your social media marketing activities:

Snap Survey Software How-to: Randomize the Order of Question Pages

Learn how-to randomize the order of question pages using Snap Survey Software 

When you present a respondent with a survey, their answers are influenced by the order in which questions are presented. This is known as an order-effect. Because of this, you may want to randomize the order of your survey questions, so that this effect is minimized.

Using Snap Survey Software, you can you can randomize the order of possible responses in a multiple choice question, rows in a grid question, or question pages. When given a list of options, respondents are more likely to choose the first option (primacy effect) or the last option (recency effect) rather than the middle options. In a list of questions, respondents may develop fatigue when they answer the later questions, and tend to put less effort into answering them. To minimize this effect, you can randomize the order of question pages. This keeps the survey questions on the pages in the same order, but randomizes just the pages of the survey by using the Randomize tool provided in Snap Survey Software.

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When is the Best Time to Survey New Employees?

When is the best time to survey new employees? The answer may surprise you.  

You may think that you need to give employees at least a few months to get acclimated to their new position, job environment, and get a feel for office dynamics within your company. However, there is no better time to survey new employees than from the very beginning. Or better yet, survey potential hires during the hiring process with a pre-employment survey.

It may seem odd to survey interviewees during the hiring process, but from the start, it is important for your business to:

  1. Show potential employees that your company cares about the continued success of the business and its employees, and
  2. Gauge how a potential new hire will react to your company’s work environment and how they will adapt to the work culture.

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Include All Valid Response Options in Survey Questions

When creating survey questions, include all valid survey response options

Do you see a problem with this survey question?

What is your favorite fruit?

  • Apples
  • Strawberries
  • Blueberries
  • Peaches

There are several issues with the response options to the above question. What if respondents favor fruit like watermelon, raspberries, pineapple, etc.? There are so many kinds of fruits, yet this question does not allow respondents to select these options. A simple “other” response option could have been used, or an “other, please specify” option with a space for respondents to provide their own answer. Aside from the “other” response option, this question does not allow a respondent to select a “none of the above” option. Additionally, some questions should include response options “don’t know” and “not applicable.”

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Snap Survey Software How-to: Add Slider Control Questions to Online Surveys

Learn how to add slider control questions to your online surveys using Snap Survey Software

What are slider controlsSlider controls are graphical image-based controls for collecting data in an online survey. The slider control tool includes graphics and templates to make it quick and easy to add simple slider bars to a published online survey. Here is an example of a slider control:





Slider controls add value to your online surveys and are an innovative way to engage survey respondents. Why not give slider controls a try in your next online survey?

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Keep Survey Questions Simple and Free from Ambiguity

Well developed surveys eliminate respondent confusion by keeping your survey questions simple and free from ambiguity

When developing you survey, it is important to thoroughly review each of your survey questions. What may appear as a well-written, clear question to you may not appear as well-written and clear to respondents. When you start developing your questions, think about how each question will be read and interpreted by respondents. If time permits, consider pre-testing your survey questions with someone that is not familiar with your survey. Review their completed responses and discuss any issues the respondent may have encountered. It is important that your respondents completely comprehend your survey questions and be able to answer them in the correct manner in order to provide accurate, meaningful data. If the questions are confusing, you run the risk of compromising the accuracy of your survey data.

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Snap Survey Software How-to: Create a New Language Edition of a Survey

Learn how to create a new language edition of your survey using Snap Survey Software

Want to learn how to create a dual-language survey? If you are publishing an online survey to Snap WebHost, our online survey management system, you can set-up functionality so that respondents can select the language in which they prefer, and be directed to that language edition to complete your survey. Regardless of language, the question options are identical for both languages. If you want to change the physical look of a survey for each language edition, you should create a new format edition instead.

New language editions can use different languages, or use different question text in the same language. For example, you may choose to publish the same survey directed at adults or children. You could also localize the same survey for different areas.

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Monitor Internal Training Programs with Online Training Surveys

Monitor the success of your internal training programs with online training surveys

Businesses know that running successful internal training programs takes a lot of hard work and dedication of time and resources, including: compensating an instructor to lead a training, paying employees for their time to attend a training, and in some cases travel expenses could be incurred for off-site trainings. Because of this costly business investment of time and resources, it is important to track the success of all training programs with online training surveys.  Do employees find the trainings effective?  Did they gain insight into subjects that will help them do their job better?

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Build Customer Experience through Customer Segmentation

Customer segmentation will allow you to target specific groups of customers effectively

When it comes to interacting with customer service, your customers will choose the channels with which they are most comfortable and provides them with the best customer experience. Some customers choose to purchase products at a store, and when it comes time to engage with customer service, they may choose to inquire in-person, make a phone call, or even <gasp!> write a letter. Yes, people still write letters. Others may choose to purchase products online, keeping the interaction with customer service all digital and inquire with question via email, live chat, Twitter, or Facebook. There are even those customers that choose to purchase a product online, but prefer the interaction of a phone call with a live customer service representative, or there are those customers that purchase in a store, but prefer to interact with customer service online. Your customers’ customer service needs are diverse, so you need to accommodate.

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Online Survey Software for Market Research

Use Online Survey Software as a Tool for Market Research

Conducting surveys is one of the most common and effective market research methods. Surveys help researchers understand their current markets better and to develop strategies to remain viable in their markets, as well as find the best ways to enter new or emerging markets. However, administering market research doesn’t have to be an intricate and time-consuming process.

With online survey software, business can easily design and administer market research studies in a manner that is efficient and precise, yet with easy-to-use features. With advanced online survey software, businesses can also collect data and conduct advanced analysis, all in one simple system. There is no need to export data. Advanced online survey software can easily handle everything from design to analysis and reporting. Continue reading