This worksheet describes how to create and run a survey that is to be used in a standalone mode. It can run on a dedicated survey kiosk, or on a tablet or iPad (stored in a kiosk frame which only exposes the touchscreen).

Surveys are loaded onto the kiosk over the Internet using Snap Mobile Anywhere. You then set up the device in kiosk mode and select which survey to run. Once in kiosk mode, the device will only display the selected survey.

The kiosk displays the first page of the survey by default. If someone starts the survey, but does not complete it, the screen resets back to the first page after a specified time. You can choose whether to keep partially-completed multi-page surveys. When someone completes a survey, their response is automatically submitted.

You upload responses automatically (or on request) to the WebHost server, and you can then download them and analyse them in Snap as normal.

This worksheet assumes that:

  • you have created a multi-page survey within Snap that is suitable for kiosks
  • your device (iPad, Android tablet, kiosk) has already been set up with Snap Mobile Anywhere
  • you are using the settings on the device (rather than settings created when publishing your survey from Snap).


To produce a survey to run on a kiosk, you must publish an edition for Mobile and upload it to Snap WebHost. This process is covered in the worksheet Setting up surveys for Snap Mobile Anywhere.

If you are using a tablet to run in kiosk mode, you must ensure that any buttons are physically inaccessible. You must disable touch gestures on your device that allow users to go to the home screen (for example, Multitasking Gestures should be disabled in the Settings for iOS). You should also turn off any notifications which might enable people to switch to the app which had generated the notification.

You may wish to disable the wireless connection to the Internet on your device, and enable it at specific times when you wish to upload responses. Only do this if your survey does not use any Internet resources.

Summary of steps

Step 1: Publish a tablet survey

This assumes that you have created a Mobile edition for your survey styled for kiosk or tablet style.

  1. Open the Questionnaire window of your survey in Snap Professional.
  2. Check that your survey has a last page that only contains a simple “Thank you” message. This makes it much simpler to know when people have completed a survey. The settings chosen later in this worksheet assume that such a page exists.
  3. Select File|Publish to display the Publish Questionnaire dialog.
  4. Select Output in the left-hand column if it is not selected.
  5. Set the location where the survey is published and make a note of the location.
    QP: Output properties of offline surveys
  6. Select Replies in the left-hand column.
    QP: Output properties of offline surveys
  7. Select the Sync with server radio button.
  8. Click [Publish] to publish the survey.

Step 2: Upload your Mobilesurvey to Snap WebHost and assign it

  1. Log into your account on Snap WebHost.
    When you have logged in successfully, Snap WebHost displays the list of surveys in your account.
  2. Select Upload a new survey to display the Upload new survey dialog.
  3. Browse to find the .zip file for the survey in the folder you specified as the Path when you published the survey. and click [Upload Archive] to upload the survey to Snap WebHost.
  4. When Snap WebHost has uploaded the survey, a message appears to confirm that the survey has been uploaded.
    The list of surveys is updated, showing the new survey.

    surveys page showing kiosk for syn - no responses

Step 3: Set up Snap Mobile Anywhere for kiosk use

  1. Start the Snap Mobile Anywhere app on the kiosk.
    Setup screen for offline interviewing
  2. Log into your associate account on Snap WebHost.
    If you have an Internet connection, Snap Mobile Anywhere automatically checks to see if you have the latest versions of the available surveys.

    Setup screen for offline interviewing
  3. Click the Options button IPAD:options button at the bottom left to display the configurable settings.
  4. If you are planning to disconnect your device from the Internet while it is unattended, set Auto-synchronize to Off.
  5. Set Kiosk mode to On. This stops people leaving the survey and removes the submit button from the last page of multi-page surveys.

This means that once you start a survey, you will not be able to leave the survey except by stopping Snap Mobile Anywhere.

  1. Set Use survey settings to Off. This means that the survey will use the time-outs that you set on the device rather than those that were set when you published the
    original survey.
  2. Set Timeout during survey to On. Set the Idle timeout to 60. This gives people time to read a question before they respond.
  3. Set Submit partial survey to Off. This means that if respondents leave a survey before completing the last page (or pressing the Submit button on a single-page survey), their responses will be discarded.
  4. Set Auto submit last page to On. Set the Auto submit time to 30. This gives people time to read the thank you message on the last page before the survey is submitted.
  5. Choose whether to change the default Timeout Message. This message is displayed if a respondent has started the survey and not answered a question or changed page for the timeout period.
  6. To return to the list, click [Back] in the top left of the screen.
  7. To manually synchronise all surveys and responses with the server, click  Setup screen for offline interviewing.
  8. Select the survey that you wish to run.

Step 4: Stopping a kiosk survey

If you have disabled automatic synchronization, you will have to stop and restart Snap Mobile Anywhere in order to manually synchronize the survey. You will also need to do this if you wish to change to a different survey.

Stopping the survey on a iPad

  1. Press the Home button to return to the Home screen.
  2. Press the Home button twice to display the running app screens.
  3. Select the Snap Mobile Anywhere screen (showing the survey) and flick upwards to remove it from the running apps
    Setup screen for offline interviewing
  4. Press the Home button again.
  5. Start Snap Mobile Anywhere.

Stopping the survey on an Android tablet

  1. Select Settings on your device.
  2. Select Applications.
  3. Select Manage Applications.
  4. Select Snap Mobile Anywhere.
  5. Press [Force stop] to stop Snap Mobile Anywhere.
  6. Leave the Applications screen.
  7. Start Snap Mobile Anywhere.

Stopping the survey on a Windows kiosk

Enable the keyboard and press the [Esc] key.


This worksheet has described how to publish a survey suitable for a kiosk from Snap Professional, set up the device to be used without supervision, and how to stop a running survey.

For information about how to set up Snap Mobile Anywhere see the worksheet Setting up surveys for Snap Mobile Anywhere for iPad, iPhone, Android and Windows.

There is reference information available on the Snap Mobile Anywhere settings in the Snap Mobile Anywhere help for your device.

For points to keep in mind when designing surveys for mobile devices, see the worksheet: Preparing surveys for smartphones.

If there is a topic you would like a worksheet on, email to