The latest Snap Mobile Anywhere app allows you (the researcher) to choose which surveys to share with your interviewers. You assign the surveys to their associate account on Snap WebHost. When they log into the Snap Mobile Anywhere app, they can see the surveys that you assigned to them. Interviewers can have an account each, or share an account. This worksheet shows you how to create the accounts and how to share the surveys with them.

The worksheet assumes:

  • you have created a survey with a mobile edition
  • your Snap WebHost account has available Interview Associate accounts
  • you have the Snap Mobile Anywhere app (version 4 and above)


Snap WebHost allows you to create associate accounts so you can share selected surveys with clients, colleagues or interviewers. There are two types of associate account:

  • Interview associate (for conducting interviews and running questionnaires with Snap Mobile Anywhere)
  • Analysis associate (for sharing survey results).

This worksheet explains how to use Interview associates. (For information about setting up Analysis associates, see: Giving other people access to your survey results and reports.)

Web questionnaires: schematic

Summary of steps

These steps show what to do in Snap and what to do in Snap WebHost.

Step 1: Publish the mobile edition from Snap
Step 2: Upload the survey to Snap WebHost (and start it when ready)
Step 3: Create an associate account for your interviewer (on Snap WebHost)
Step 4: Assign the survey to associates (on Snap WebHost)
Step 5: Check the survey in Snap Mobile Anywhere

Step 1: Publish the mobile edition of your survey

  1. Open the Questionnaire window of your survey in Snap.
  2. Select the Mobile edition if you have more than one. If you are not familiar with adding new editions, please see this help page.
    mobile edition
  3. Select File|Publish to display the Publish Questionnaire dialog.
  4. Select Output in the left-hand column if it is not selected.
  5. Set the location where the survey is published and make a note of the location.


  6. Select Replies in the left-hand column.

  7. Select the Sync with server radio button.
  8. Click [Publish] to publish the survey.

Step 2: Upload your survey to Snap WebHost

    1. Log into your account on Snap WebHost.
    2. Select Upload a new survey to display the Upload new survey dialog.
    3. Browse to find the .zip file for the survey in the folder you specified as the Path when you published the survey.
    4. Click [Upload Archive] to upload the survey to Snap WebHost.
    5. When Snap WebHost has uploaded the survey, a message appears to confirm that the survey has been uploaded. Click the [Close] button.
      The list of surveys is updated, showing the new survey. Note that it has a different icon sma_icon to a Snap WebHost survey (surv_icon).


You can start the survey now, or wait until you have assigned it to associates. To start it now:

  1. Click the name of the survey to open it.
  2. Click the Start questionnaire now link to start the survey.


Step 3: Create your associate account

  1. Log into Snap WebHost and select the [My Account] tab. Your list of associates will be shown. This will be empty if you have not created any.
  2. Click Add new associate. (If it’s not visible, you do not have any. Contact your account manager at Snap.)

    Account add hl

  3. Complete the form. You must give your associate a unique User Name. The Password needs to conform to the password security policy (for example, include upper and lower-case letters and at least one digit).
  4. Set the number of interviewers who are allowed to use this account in the Interview Associate Logins. It must be at least one. It can be more if you want to provide the same surveys to several interviewers, but it cannot be more than the number you have available (this is displayed on the Associates section of the My Account screen).


  5. Check the Enabled box to allow the associate to login.
  6. Click [Save] to create the account.

Step 4: Assign the survey to your associates

You assign surveys to associates through the My Account section of Snap WebHost.

  1. Log into Snap WebHost and select the My Account tab.
  2. Click Edit associate to give that associate access to the survey.


  3. You will see the Associate Details screen. The list box on the left shows all surveys in your account. Double-click the mobile survey you have just uploaded (it will have the word (mobile)after the survey name). The survey will move to the list of Assigned surveys.


  4. Click [Save] to save your changes.All started surveys that you have assigned to an account will be synchronised when the interviewer logs into that account on their mobile device (tablet, smartphone, kiosk, etc.) They can then run questionnaires. The responses will be sent back to the survey on Snap WebHost.If you haven’t started the surveys already, remember to start them, or set them up so they start at a scheduled time.

Step 5: Test that the survey downloads correctly

This step assumes you have downloaded the Snap Mobile Anywhere app.

  1. Start the Snap Mobile Anywhere app on your mobile device (tablet, smartphone, kiosk, etc). sma_3_logo_sm
  2. Log into Snap Mobile Anywhere by entering the Associate username and password. If you do not know the associate password, you can log in using your Snap WebHost username and password. If you have an Internet connection, Snap Mobile Anywhere checks to see if you have the latest versions of the available surveys. These are surveys in your account on Snap WebHost which have been started and are currently running (not paused). If you have logged in as the associate, you will see surveys assigned to that account. If you have logged in as yourself, you will see all mobile surveys.


  3. Select a survey to open it.
  4. If the survey you want is not visible, check that you have a working internet connection and that you started and assigned the survey on Snap WebHost.
  5. If you make any changes on Snap WebHost (such as changing a survey) you can update your surveys in Snap Mobile Anywhere by clicking sync_butSnap Mobile Anywhere will try to synchronise at ten minute intervals if Auto-synchronisation is enabled.


This worksheet has described how to set up interview associates on Snap WebHost and assign surveys to them. It describes logging into Snap Mobile Anywhere and checking the surveys are available.

For further information about developing surveys for Snap Mobile Anywhere see: Getting Started with Snap Mobile Anywhere.

For information about designing for mobile devices see: Considerations when designing for smartphones, tablets, PDA’s and kiosks.

For information about the different Snap Mobile Anywhere apps see:

For further information about setting up analysis associate accounts on Snap WebHost see: Giving other people access to your survey results and reports.

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