Mail surveys

We send over half a million questionnaires a year to residents, tenants and patients on behalf of our public sector clients and can offer a very cost effective and convenient service. We often help with setting up the questionnaires, printing and distribution, and keying the data.


Keyed and scanned data entry

We keyed our first survey replies back in 1985, and since then have processed surveys for thousands of clients. Data is available in a Snap file, Excel, SPSS or CSV format or we can go further and present results as high quality analysis and reports.

  • We have a group of dedicated staff available so we can be ready when you need us.
  • High quality and accurate keyed data – we regularly achieve 99.9% accuracy.
  • All our work is compliant with the highest possible standards to ISO 20252 (British Standard for the Market Research Industry) and ISO 9001, 27052, 27001 requirements.
  • All our work is carried out in accordance with the Market Research Society’s Code of Conduct and the Data Protection Act.

Online surveys

Not every company has the resources to set up and manage online surveys for their clients. Maybe it’s not part of your core business or you don’t have in-house resources. We can host your survey, then share with clients or customers from your database, on social media or we can source a specific respondent panel. And if you need a little help making sense of the results we can  analyze and report the results for you too.

Multi-mode surveys

With Snap Survey Software you can share your survey in Online, Paper with Scanning, and Mobile formats and bring all your results together into one data set for analysis – perfect for targeting hard to reach communities or where particularly robust data is required.