Press Release: Snap Survey Software Now Available Through MRDC Software in Asia Pacific

Snap Survey Software is now available to the Asia Pacific market through MRDC Software

Bristol, U.K. and Portsmouth, NH, U.S. – Snap Surveys, creator of Snap Survey Software, has announced an agreement with MRDC Software as an approved reselling agent of Snap Survey Software in the Asia Pacific market.

Over the past 35 years, Snap Surveys’ products, solutions, and services have established them as a leading brand in the survey software market across Europe and North America for organizations wishing to conduct advanced survey research via online surveys that are adaptable to any screen size; paper surveys with optional scanning capabilities; and mobile surveys, including on handheld mobile devices, tablets, and on freestanding kiosks. The software comes complete with built-in advanced analysis capability and reporting options for easy distribution. Continue reading

Introducing the New Snap Surveys Support Hub

The new Snap Support Hub contains a collection of indispensable resources & information

Support Hub DescripView the all new Snap Support Hub. All valuable resources have been organized by subject to make it easier for Snap Survey Software users to find the information they need, when they need it. View a wealth of resources, including: interactive tutorials, video guides, worksheets, blog articles, webinar recordings, user forum, online user help guide, and installation instructions – all in one central location. Continue reading

New Smart Reporting and Paper Survey Scanning Features

Take a look at the new features for Smart Reports and Paper Survey Scanning available in Snap Survey Software Version 11.12

Snap-auto-updateSnap Survey Software Version 11.12 includes a host of improvements to make it easier to create Smart Reports, including the option to select multiple report instructions for copy, delete, and move.

We’ve also improved recognition of quantity fields in scanning, and added the option to scan paper surveys from pdf files.

Update to the latest version today!

View Version Release Notes and Update

Free Interactive Tutorials for Online Surveys, Paper Surveys, and More

View free interactive tutorials in topics ranging from online survey management, paper survey scanning, and more

Scanning-tutorialSnap Surveys free interactive tutorials are the perfect way to learn about survey topics at your own pace and in your own time. By simulating the experience of using Snap Survey Software, you can follow the steps and learn as you go – with help and guidance to get you up and running quickly.

Available interactive tutorials include:  Continue reading

How Do You Get Survey Respondents to Provide Personal Information?

Personal data security and privacy is a hot topic, especially in today’s data-driven research environment.

anonymous-survey-personal-dataSurvey data is very important and helps businesses and organizations make informed, evidence-based decisions. As a survey researcher, you would like to ask many questions in a survey and collect as much data as possible, but it is becoming increasingly difficult to collect data. You may provide a well-designed survey, but not all respondents have the time or interested in completing your survey. A big issue could be that respondents don’t want to answer questions that ask for personal or sensitive information. If your company is trying to acquire personal information, you need to do so carefully and skillfully. Asking for personal data the wrong way can increase dropout rates dramatically.  Continue reading

Snap Survey Software Training Returns to Scotland

Schedule a Snap Survey Software Training in Edinburgh, Scotland

We are delighted to announce Snap Surveys UK we will be running courses in analysis, reporting, and online surveys at the Edinburgh, Scotland training center starting in September.

To reserve your place, call Lynne at 01454 280820 or email

Not in Scotland? No problem. Snap Surveys offers many convenient online training opportunities, as well as training at any of our locations. Whether you are new to Snap Survey Software or an advanced user, we have training opportunities that will meet your needs. Training courses are offered in sessions scheduled at your request, on a day and time that is convenient for you or your team. Training topics include:  Continue reading

End Your Summer with a Survey Software Training

End your summer with a Snap Survey Software training either online, at your facility, or at ours.

snap 11 logo - survey-softwareWhat type of software training meets your needs? Snap Surveys offers many convenient online training opportunities, as well as training at any of our locations.  Find a training course that works best for you and schedule it at your convenience.

Whether you are new to Snap Survey Software or an advanced user, we have training opportunities that will meet your needs. Training courses are offered in sessions scheduled at your request, on a day and time that is convenient for you or your team. We do offer training topics, including:  Continue reading

Real-Time Results with Contextualized Analysis Logins

Give your viewers access to real-time results with Contextualized Analysis Logins

snap-survey-software-analysisYou can now provide your clients, colleagues, and stakeholders with 24/7 access to real-time and personalized survey results. Set permissions to view specific analysis and reports, and configure analysis on the fly.

With Contextualized Analysis Logins you can:

  • Choose which reports are available to which viewer
  • Configure reports for the viewer’s perspective – for example, show results for a particular site or region compared with other sites or regions
  • Provide easy check-lists for the viewer to further filter and focus the reports and analysis made available to them.

Learn more about Contextualized Analysis.

Contextualized Reporting is an important element in the custom feedback solutions we develop for our clients. Take a look at our case studies to see how we’ve made our customers’ operations more efficient and proactive. View case studies

Continue reading

Snap Survey Software 11.08 is Now Available

Update now to Snap Survey Software release version 11.08

Snap Surveys has released update 11.08 for Snap 11 Survey Software. Some of the latest additions of the release include:

  • Snap Update service – Standalone Snap Survey Software installs automatically update when a new version is available
  • Adaptive Questionnaires – Create surveys that adapt to all devices – from desktop PC to mobile devices
  • Contextualized Analysis Logins – Give your clients and colleagues 24/7 access to real-time and personalized survey results
  • GeoLocation Data Capture – Collect geographic location data for each respondent
  • Updated questionnaire style files & checkbox images

If you are a current software user, click here to update to this latest version.

If you haven’t updated your survey software lately, update to Snap 11 now.

View a full list of software release notes for Snap 11.08, including additions and fixes.

If you are not currently a Snap Survey Software user, learn more about what we have to offer. Snap 11 Survey Software is a complete solution for survey design, administration, data collection and management, analysis, and reporting. Snap Survey Software supports all modes of survey research, including: online surveys, mobile surveys, paper surveys for scanning, kiosk surveys, and phone surveys, in any language with advanced analysis capabilities (tables, charts, and descriptive statistics) and reporting options. The software is a very extensible survey software solution – MS Access or SQL database connectivity and seamless integration with SPSS and MS Office.

Learn more about Snap Survey Software

Consider Snap Surveys – The Complete Survey Software

Survey Software Review: Snap – The Complete Survey Software

survey-software-repliesAs you review survey software solutions available on the market, consider reviewing what sets Snap Survey Software apart from the competition. Find out what distinguishes our survey software and feedback management solutions from others.

Why do our customers choose Snap Survey Software as their solution to their survey software needs? Here’s why:  Continue reading