Press Release: Snap Survey Software Now Available Through MRDC Software in Asia Pacific

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Snap Survey Software is now available to the Asia Pacific market through MRDC Software

Bristol, U.K. and Portsmouth, NH, U.S. – Snap Surveys, creator of Snap Survey Software, has announced an agreement with MRDC Software as an approved reselling agent of Snap Survey Software in the Asia Pacific market.

Over the past 35 years, Snap Surveys’ products, solutions, and services have established them as a leading brand in the survey software market across Europe and North America for organizations wishing to conduct advanced survey research via online surveys that are adaptable to any screen size; paper surveys with optional scanning capabilities; and mobile surveys, including on handheld mobile devices, tablets, and on freestanding kiosks. The software comes complete with built-in advanced analysis capability and reporting options for easy distribution.

Expanding into the Asia Pacific market brings potential customers easier access to a versatile survey software tool with the capability to reach anyone, anywhere with multi-mode capability and with the ability to create multi-language surveys suitable for a diverse audience.

Snap Surveys Managing Director, Steve Jenkins, said “Snap Surveys is pleased to partner with a knowledgeable company like MRDC Software. MRDC has experience with similar software products in the market research industry, giving Snap Survey Software increased exposure to professionals in the Asia Pacific region who are looking for advanced software for data collection, feedback management, analysis, and reporting.” CEO of MRDC Software, Phil Hearn, added “This is a great partnership opportunity for both companies. Many new or smaller companies in the Asia Pacific market are eager to start conducting online research with an advanced software solution at a manageable price point, which makes Snap Survey Software the perfect solution.”


Snap Surveys, established in 1981, with offices in the United Kingdom and United States and resellers across the globe, offers advanced survey software, feedback management solutions, and survey research services to its diverse range of customers across all industries. Get accurate insights; make better decisions with Snap Survey Software. Visit Snap Surveys at

MRDC Software provides software, data processing to data analysis services, automated reporting, and online research to customers across the market research industry with offices in the United Kingdom, Thailand, and the Philippines. Visit MRDC Software at

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