Are You Using Survey Software to its Full Potential?

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Are you getting the most out of your survey software? Are you aware of all the capabilities? 

In your organization, in any department, survey software can be used to create many different kinds of surveys for internal or external administration. But, are you using all of the many features available in your survey software solution? There are so many capabilities readily available that are often taken for granted. An advanced survey software solution, such as Snap Surveys, is like the Cadillac of survey software tools. It functions like any easy-to-use solution; however, it has so many advanced functions for survey design, multi-mode data collection, data analysis, and reporting that can help you make the most of your survey and results. It’s an all-in-one solution.

Offer your survey audience more by utilizing the many capabilities of your survey software solution. These features have been designed to: increase respondent engagement with format and interactive design features, streamline the administration and data collections processes, easily analyze data, and create simple to advanced reports. 

Here is a sampling of some of the advanced key features available in Snap Survey Software

Questionnaire design

  • Multi-mode functionality allows the same questionnaire to be prepared for different publication modes (e.g. online, paper, mobile, kiosk) concurrently.
  • Multi-language functionality enables the same questionnaire to be produced for different languages concurrently.
  • Questionnaire editing, even after start of data entry.
  • Automated publication of online surveys with routing, ‘Must Answer’ checks, data validation, etc. 


  • Single or multiple response options, multiple choice, date, quantity, and literal questions.
  • Title, sub-title, notes, and instruction fields.
  • Up to 65,000 questions/variables per survey.
  • Up to 2,000 answer codes per question.
  • Up to 10,000 characters per literal response.
  • Up to 1,000 characters for question and code labels. 

Formatting and Logic

  • Single or multiple column layout, with either portrait or landscape page set up.
  • Editing includes range and logic checks, bulk changes, and calculations.
  • Automated publication of online surveys with routing, ‘Must Answer’ checks, data validation etc.
  • Use derived variables (calculated from previous questions) within the questionnaire to manage dynamic text substitution and routing.
  • Answer masks on multi-choice questions enable you to add or remove available answers by the responses to previous questions
  • Patterns for open-ended questions allow you to validate the response against preset and user-defined patterns (e.g. social security number, zip code, etc)
  • Minimum and maximum number of responses – set these for each multiple response question and Snap will ensure that the respondent has not marked too few or too many options.
  • Identify exclusive answer choices – e.g. if “None of the above” is selected then all other answer choices are automatically deselected. 

Results analysis

  • survey-software-results-analysisCreate tables, charts, and statistics directly from questions.
  • Derived variables to combine / recode answers from combinations of different questions.
  • Unlimited filters for segmentation and access to subsets of data.
  • Weighting by any combination of factors or other question codes.
  • Automatic saving of all results with each survey.
  • Incorporate notes and comments with individual stored results. 

Summary Analysis

  • Full summary presented in questionnaire format with either percentages or absolute values.
  • Filters can be applied to explore subsets of data.
  • Configuration of non-response strategy. 


  • Averages: mean, mode, median.
  • Data spread statistics: minimum, maximum, range, quartiles, variance, standard deviation, standard error.
  • Distribution statistics: Kurtosis and Skewness.
  • Significance testing: t-test, confidence intervals, chi-squared.
  • Statistics on cross-tabulations: Chi square, Cramers V, Phi coefficient, Contingency coefficient, significance tests, confidence intervals. 

Import / Export

  • Raw data can be imported into Snap in a flat ASCII file, comma, tab, or space separated. Excel data will be accepted as text fields rather than codes.
  • Results can be exported to other software packages for further manipulation – Triple S, SPSS SAV format, Office products.
  • Export of results as HTML files for inclusion on websites.
  • Data import from email clients using MAPI or POP3 protocols. (NB: Snap 10 is not compatible with the 64 bit version of Outlook 2010 for direct MAPI import).

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