5 Benefits of Online Course Evaluations

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What are the 5 benefits of online course evaluations 

Transitioning your paper-based course evaluation to an online course evaluation doesn’t have to be difficult. With online survey software, the transition is easy and an online platform provides many benefits. In our last post, we discussed  the reasons to create an online course evaluation system with online surveys software. Today, we discuss the benefits.

  • Save time – By using an online course evaluation versus a paper-based course evaluation, you are saving significant time in administration and data process, giving you more time to analyze data and create reports.
    • There is no longer the need to print and distribute paper evaluations, and no need to manually enter or scan in data.
    • Once data has been collected online, such as demographic information, preferences, and general ata, there is no need to ask these questions again as this data can be stored and used later to seed into subsequent evaluations (making surveys shorter and less time to complete) or stored for analysis and reporting.
    • If desired, institution staff can be given real-time access to results, giving them immediate feedback that they can use to make improvements.
  • Save money – With online course evaluations, there is no costs  associated with printing, distributing, and collecting paper evaluations, as well as no labor costs for scanning or additional software costs for scanning, or manual data entry staff for entering replies and cleaning data.
  • Flexibility – Online survey software provides greater flexibility to customize course evaluations, designed specifically to match your institution’s brand and colors, with questions created specifically to gather feedback on the most important information about faculty, departments, and administration.
  • Support – Advanced online survey software solutions, such as Snap Survey Software, come as a complete solution, which can quickly and easily be installed on your system or on a network. And with the purchase of the software, users receive access to technical support staff and a variety of helpful resources.
  • Edit with ease – With online survey software, it’s easier to make updates to survey questions or the overall design of the survey layout. Changes will be reflected in the data and reports can be easily updated to add additional data.

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