Introducing the New Snap Surveys Support Hub

The new Snap Support Hub contains a collection of indispensable resources & information

Support Hub DescripView the all new Snap Support Hub. All valuable resources have been organized by subject to make it easier for Snap Survey Software users to find the information they need, when they need it. View a wealth of resources, including: interactive tutorials, video guides, worksheets, blog articles, webinar recordings, user forum, online user help guide, and installation instructions – all in one central location. Continue reading

Does Survey Mode Have An Impact On Survey Response Rates?

Does the survey mode you choose have an impact on survey response rates?

survey-respondentsDoes the survey mode you choose to distribute your questionnaire – online survey, mobile survey, paper survey, kiosk survey, or one-on-one interview – have an impact on survey respondents, and ultimately, survey response rates?  How about using a combination of survey modes (i.e. mixed-mode, multiple-mode)? The answer is yes.

It can be very difficult to estimate the level of survey participation as response rates vary depending on a wide variety of factors. For example, survey design, survey length, question wording, and preferred survey mode can all impact response rates.

Let’s focus on survey mode. Your response rates will weigh heavily on your desired audience demographics (age, location, gender, etc.). But, if you take the time to identify these factors, you can take action to improve your response rates by identifying the survey mode(s) that will best reach your audience – giving you more statistically relevant data. Continue reading

New Smart Reporting and Paper Survey Scanning Features

Take a look at the new features for Smart Reports and Paper Survey Scanning available in Snap Survey Software Version 11.12

Snap-auto-updateSnap Survey Software Version 11.12 includes a host of improvements to make it easier to create Smart Reports, including the option to select multiple report instructions for copy, delete, and move.

We’ve also improved recognition of quantity fields in scanning, and added the option to scan paper surveys from pdf files.

Update to the latest version today!

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The Great Debate: Paper Surveys vs. Online Surveys

Paper surveys vs. online surveys. What’s your opinion?

multi-mode-survey-softwareSince the rise in popularity of online surveys, the questions still remains, are online surveys better than paper surveys?

Many businesses have shifted some, if not all of their surveys to online platforms, ready for completion on online or mobile devices. For some organizations, however, the decision to shift is a difficult one to make. Some target populations may not be receptive to online surveys, making the transition a difficult decision. Are online surveys superior to paper surveys in terms of both speed and cost-efficiency? The debate between which is more effective continues.

How does each mode of survey research fare in your market? Can your research remain valid if you switch to one mode of survey research, but leave the other behind?  Take into consideration the following factors:  Continue reading

Free Interactive Tutorials for Online Surveys, Paper Surveys, and More

View free interactive tutorials in topics ranging from online survey management, paper survey scanning, and more

Scanning-tutorialSnap Surveys free interactive tutorials are the perfect way to learn about survey topics at your own pace and in your own time. By simulating the experience of using Snap Survey Software, you can follow the steps and learn as you go – with help and guidance to get you up and running quickly.

Available interactive tutorials include:  Continue reading

Case Study: Nationwide Paper Survey Scanning and Customer Satisfaction Survey

Why did Park Leisure, a nationwide chain of holiday parks, chose paper surveys with scanning for their customer satisfaction survey?

Park Leisure is a nationwide chain of holiday parks. We asked Owner Services Support Manager, Laura Corner, why they chose paper surveys with scanning for their customer satisfaction survey.

scan-paper-surveyWhy did you choose to distribute paper surveys and scan the responses?

“After exploring the numerous options available for our customer satisfaction surveys, we established Snap Survey Software was the program for us. It was good value for money, and most importantly, had the options of paper-based scanning and online surveys, which was great for us as our customer base is extremely varied.”  Continue reading

Helpful Worksheet: Scanning a Paper Questionnaire in Booklet Format

Access our helpful worksheet to learn how you can improve scanning by creating a paper questionnaire in booklet format

We have created a helpful worksheet explaining how you can easily create a questionnaire in booklet format and then scan the returned questionnaires.

Snap Survey Software has a great Print as booklet setting which easily lays out your questionnaire as a professional booklet, ready to collect feedback from participants, and ready for proper scanning.  Continue reading

New Worksheet: Improve Data Recognition When Scanning Paper Questionnaires

Access our new, helpful worksheet to learn how you can improve data recognition with Scanning Validation patterns when scanning paper questionnaires 

Apply-pattern-paper-questionnairesWe have created a helpful worksheet explaining how you can easily use Scanning Validation patterns to help interpret handwritten replies more accurately from paper questionnaires and record responses in a consistent format.

Scanning Validation patterns allow you to:

  • State exactly which characters are expected where in a reply
  • State which character(s) in a particular position to keep and which character(s) to add
  • Provide several patterns so an answer can have different formats

Continue reading

Free Interactive Tutorial: Paper Surveys with Scanning

Access a new online tutorial that walks you through the features of scanning paper surveys with Snap Survey Software


This new interactive tutorial will guide you through the entire process, including hints and tips to help your scanning project run smoothly. And best of all, it’s a free resource just for you!

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Spring Into a Survey Software Training

Spring is in the air and there is no better place to enjoy the beautiful springtime than in New England.

Come visit Snap Surveys US! You can schedule a full or half-day survey software training session at our Portsmouth, NH training facility, and spend some extra time enjoying spring in New Hampshire and Maine. The snow is melting, the birds are chirping, and the tree buds are beginning to grow.

We have many opportunities for survey software training. We run a full range of training sessions in survey design, paper survey scanning, analysis, including our Snap Smart Reporting, and much more. We also offer customized training to help you get even the most complex survey project up and running.  Continue reading