Snap Survey Software How-to: Scan Paper Surveys

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Use Snap Survey Software to scan paper surveys

scan-paper-surveysScanning is the most cost effective and efficient method of gathering large volumes of data from paper surveys. However, some businesses prefer manual data entry, or to outsource data entry entirely.

Snap Survey Software is one of the few survey software providers that contain multi-mode survey creation. In other words, the software facilitates the collection of survey response data from multiple data collection sources, and merges survey data into a single dataset ready for complete analysis. For instance, Snap Survey Software users can administer one survey via mobile devices, online, and paper simultaneously – and collect and merge all survey response data into a single dataset ready for complete data analysis.

For those that are already using Snap Survey Software for developing paper surveys, we have created the following tips to help you with paper survey scanning. Scanning a paper survey using Snap Survey Software is a fast, accurate, and easy way to enter survey data.

The Do’s and Don’ts of Survey Scanning

The Snap Scanning Module is a powerful product that is a cost-effective way to collect data from paper surveys quickly and efficiently. When designing a scannable paper survey, there are several key pointers to keep in mind. View: The Do’s and Don’ts of Survey Scannings

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