How to share online survey results

sharing reports

Before you create a survey, collect data, and start to analyze it, it’s important to consider the best way to share online survey results with your audience. Whether you’re keeping respondents informed, reporting to management and other stakeholders, or you’re conducting research on behalf of a client, the best method for sharing survey results will depend on the audience and what they’re going to do with the information.

With an online survey you can set up email alerts for responses, create analysis and reports to share, or set up accounts for your audience to log in and see live survey information with tailored reports.

Email alerts

Setting up email alerts for an online survey will automatically send a notification email to relevant people when a survey is submitted with a particular response.

Email alerts can include data from the survey, and be used to notify specific people, departments or clients, based on various conditions, such as age of participant, where they live, or a positive/negative rating. Sharing survey results as soon as a response is submitted ensures that the data is used efficiently, and for feedback or customer satisfaction surveys, it means that any issues can be dealt with promptly.

Share reports and analysis

Creating reports from your online survey results is a useful way of conveying the outcome of a survey. Reports can include tables and graphs to highlight specific data, as well as recommendations for areas of improvement. It’s easy to tailor the content of each report to suit different audiences, and they can be sent out to relevant people or included in presentations.

Associate Accounts: Live survey results and personalized analyzes

One of the most flexible and dynamic ways of sharing your online survey results is to set up an account for stakeholders to log into where they can see responses, data, and analysis. Separate accounts can be created for colleagues, clients, or anyone else who requires access to real time results, whenever they want to view them.

You can set permissions for each account, so that they can view specific surveys’ results and reports, which are configured to their requirements, and they can create their own analyzes and reports within the account.

Once you’ve created Associate Accounts, you can provide your clients or colleagues with this worksheet, which explains how they can log in and access the data and analysis that you’ve made available to them:

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