How to Share Online Survey Results

Before you create a survey, collect data, and start to analyze it, it’s important to consider the best way to share online survey results with your audience. Whether you’re keeping respondents informed, reporting to management and other stakeholders, or you’re conducting research on behalf of a client, the best method for sharing survey results will depend on the audience and what they’re going to do with the information.

With an online survey you can set up email alerts for responses, create analysis and reports to share, or set up accounts for your audience to log in and see live survey information with tailored reports.

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New Worksheet: Use a Cell Reference to put the Filtered Base in a Summary Report

Access our new, helpful worksheet to learn how to use a cell reference to put the filtered base in a Summary Report

The default Summary Report for any survey you design and administer with Snap Survey Software includes text giving the number of overall cases and describing the applied filter. If you set the filter, you may wish to include the new respondent base in the report and you can do so by adding a cell reference.

Cell references are a means of inserting automatically updated data in a report (or in the notes for an analysis). They describe the data to be inserted in terms of its position in a specified table. Continue reading

New Worksheet: Tailor the Automatic Summary Report to Your Survey Project

Access our new, helpful worksheet to learn how to tailor the Automatic Summary Report to your survey project

Snap Survey Software automatically generates a Summary Report for every survey you build. But, did you know you can choose which questions to include, change the default description, and add filters and weight to the data?

snaps-survey-software-summary-reportSnap Survey Software automatically generates the Summary Report based on the variables used in your questionnaire. It puts in one analysis per variable. You cannot change the style of analysis in a summary report. They have been developed to work with a wide variety of questions and data. Continue reading

Make Data Work for Your Organization

Utilize advanced features in Snap Survey Software and customized feedback and reporting solutions to make data work for your organization

Snap-Smart-ReportingPoorly designed and executed questionnaires reflect badly on your organization and can skew results. Snap Surveys’ experience in market research combined with advanced functionality in Snap Survey Software means your questionnaires will look great and deliver high response rates. Using a range of survey methods can also help to increase response rates. Snap Survey Software can deliver online, paper, mobile, and kiosk questionnaires, in any language.

Aside from survey software, Snap Surveys also offers customized feedback and reporting solutions that really standout. In particular, we pride ourselves in the delivery of advanced analysis and reporting. Snap’s Smart Reporting functionality gives you the reporting edge making it easy to share information vital to the management of your organization, and a potential revenue generation opportunity. Continue reading

Best of 2013 Blog Posts – Survey Software

Take a look back at some of the best Snap Survey Software Blog topics posted in 2013.

Snap-survey-softwareThere is certain to be a topic you missed this year. Catch-up now on some informative topics in survey software.

Survey Software

Snap 11 Survey Software is Now Available!

Get the Latest Snap Survey Software Update 11.06

Are You Using Survey Software to its Full Potential?

Analysis & Reporting

Survey Feedback and Reporting Solutions in Action

Let Us Produce a Ready-to-Run Survey Specific to Your Needs

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Create a Simple Report in Snap Survey Software

New worksheet: Create a Simple Report in Snap Survey Software

This worksheet is the fifth in a series of worksheets to help Snap Survey Software users create smarter reports. The worksheet describes how to put together a simple report consisting of a title, introduction, analysis, and a conclusion.

You can run your report as often as you like, using the latest data to produce an up-to-date report. Once you have set-up the report the way you like, it will be produced in the same manner every time you run it, with no chance of errors creeping in through copying or cut-and-paste. Continue reading

Shine Feedback Profit from New Smart Reporting Capability in Snap Survey Software

See how Shine Feedback, a Snap Survey Software customer, profits from the new Smart Reporting capability

Snap-Survey-Software-Smart-ReportingOne of the first organizations to take advantage of Snap Surveys’ new Snap Smart Reporting capability is Shine Feedback, a UK consultancy specializing in employee feedback and engagement.

Shine has been a Snap Survey Software customer for over 10 years. When they heard that we were looking for beta testers for the new Snap software upgrade, Snap 11 with Smart Reporting, they immediately saw the benefit to their business and got in touch.

Pippa, the Client Services Manager at Shine, and long time user of Snap Survey Software takes up the story. Continue reading

Create Multiple Reports for Survey Data Using Contexts

Learn how to set up a Snap Smart Report so it creates multiple reports with Snap Survey Software, dynamically selecting the data depending on the Context

multiple-reports-survey-software-contextsWe have created a new worksheet for Snap Survey Software users to demonstrate how to set up a Snap Smart Report so it creates multiple PDF reports with Snap dynamically selecting the data depending on the Context.

The previous worksheet we released, Understanding Contexts, explained how to change what data was used depending on the information stored in a Context variable and showed you how to set the current Context by using the global data set. The global data set allows you to set a Context manually. You can also tell Snap Survey Software to automatically create a report multiple times by using a Context data set. Continue reading

Reminder! Free Webinar Tomorrow on the Topic of Survey Analysis

Join us tomorrow, Thursday, September 12, 2013 for a FREE webinar on the topic of: Summer Camp Round-up on Survey Analysis

When: Thursday, September 12th

Time: UK: 15:00 BST / 16:00 Europe | US: 10:00 AM EDT

Presenter: UK Snap Training Consultants Marc Ellison and Nathan Pritchard

snap-survey-software-analysisIn this round-up Snap Summer Camp session, UK training consultants Marc and Nathan will be going through some of the questions and answers concerning analysis and reporting from previous Snap Summer Camp sessions. You’ll be able to submit questions about reporting and analysis in Snap Survey Software during this session as well. Continue reading

Access Recording: Enhanced Analysis in Snap Survey Software, Part 2

Did you miss our webinar on enhanced analysis in Snap Survey Software, Part 2?

If you missed our Snap Summer Camp 2013 webinar on enhanced analysis in Snap Survey Software, Part 2, you can watch it now!

In this webinar, UK Snap Training Consultant Ed Hockey shows viewers how reporting features in Snap Survey Software will enable you to create and distribute reports effectively and  efficiently.

The webinar takes viewers through running a variety of different types of reports, how to set them up using instructions, and how to edit and export them in a number of different ways. Continue reading