How to Share Online Survey Results

Before you create a survey, collect data, and start to analyze it, it’s important to consider the best way to share online survey results with your audience. Whether you’re keeping respondents informed, reporting to management and other stakeholders, or you’re conducting research on behalf of a client, the best method for sharing survey results will depend on the audience and what they’re going to do with the information.

With an online survey you can set up email alerts for responses, create analysis and reports to share, or set up accounts for your audience to log in and see live survey information with tailored reports.

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New Tutorial: View and Customize Pre-Built Survey Reports

View our new tutorial on viewing & customizing the default questionnaire and Summary Reports in Snap Survey Software

Snap Questionnaire and Summary Reports give a detailed summary of survey results, and may provide all the detail you need. But, did you know results can be modified and filtered to produce tailored reports for each reader, for example an individual, region, department, or team? Learn how with this new tutorial. Continue reading

Free Interactive Tutorial: Viewing, Interpreting, Customizing Prebuilt Survey Reports

Access our free interactive tutorial that will walk you through the viewing, interpreting, and customizing the prebuilt Questionnaire and Summary Reports using Snap Survey Software.

Default questionnnaire and summery reports2Could you be making more use of the standard reports, or would you like to learn the basics of building complex reports in Snap Survey Software? We have developed this interactive tutorial for you to learn at your own pace, in your own time. Our latest tutorial will guide you through the use how to view, interpret and customize prebuilt Questionnaire and Summary Reports. Continue reading

Introduction to Survey Reports in the New Snap Support Hub

Learn more about developing advanced survey reports with the help of the new Snap Support Hub

Smart-Report-Snap-SurveysSnap Surveys’ automated Summary and Questionnaire reports give you detailed insights just when you need them. Learn how to view and modify the standard reports, and also how to begin building your own advanced reports.

In the all new Snap Support Hub, you’ll have access to helpful materials:

  1. Webinars
  2. Worksheets
  3. Snap help
  4. Training and consultancy

Learn more about developing advanced reports using Snap Survey Software.

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Trigger Personalized Email Reports from Your Online Survey

Trigger Personalized Email Reports from Your Online Survey

Skills-for-Care-sample-reportDo you need to share advice, guidance, analysis, and reports with your customers or colleagues? Our expert Research Services team can customize instant email reports for your online survey participants, including specific feedback, analysis, and guidance based on their answers. Upon completing the online survey, participants instantly receive a personalized email report.

Learn how the Snap Surveys Research Services team set-up instant email reports for Skills for Care, a UK organization helping local authorities assess their preparations for new government legislation. View the case study to find out what we did.

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5 Steps to Better Survey Design, Step 5

Step 5: The end… and the beginning

“Without an active response from the company, it doesn’t seem worthwhile – I’m offering them help that they aren’t really interested in so why bother?…”

summary-reportWe commissioned consumer research that discussed attitudes of consumers when providing feedback to organizations. There’s an increasing expectation from consumers that they want something back for their time. They want to know that their opinions and feedback make a difference, and that organizations are listening.

“It would be good to see ‘What you said’ and ‘What we did’ sections on websites about feedback.”

It’s certainly becoming common practice in the public sector for results from general practice, hospital, and dental patient surveys to be shared, and councils have long been enabling and reporting on consultations. Continue reading

New Worksheet: Tailor the Automatic Summary Report to Your Survey Project

Access our new, helpful worksheet to learn how to tailor the Automatic Summary Report to your survey project

Snap Survey Software automatically generates a Summary Report for every survey you build. But, did you know you can choose which questions to include, change the default description, and add filters and weight to the data?

snaps-survey-software-summary-reportSnap Survey Software automatically generates the Summary Report based on the variables used in your questionnaire. It puts in one analysis per variable. You cannot change the style of analysis in a summary report. They have been developed to work with a wide variety of questions and data. Continue reading

7 Common Mistakes in Customer Feedback, #7 You Don’t Share Feedback

Mistake #7: You don’t disseminate key customer feedback findings around your organization

share-customer-feedbackOne finding from the Brand Republic and Snap Surveys research, that about 40% of marketers said their organizations had no formal process for sharing feedback internally [See graph], does not surprise former client Jane Woolley, a Consultant for Insight Management Academy, who paints a picture of the fragmented nature of feedback within companies.

“Often in organizations there is an enormous plethora of data – sales data, sales force data, surveys, database data, complaints, online reviews – and it’s not necessarily all handled by one unifying mind,” she says. Continue reading

20 Survey Design & Administration Tips – Tips 11 thru 15

Here are tips 11 thru 15 in our series, 20 Survey Design & Administration Tips

 brand-consistency-survey-softwareTip #11: Brand consistency

It is important to be consistent with your brand. Use a survey software solution that provides you with design tools to customize surveys and gives you complete flexibility to create professional questionnaires that perfectly complement your organization’s brand.

Tip # 12: Gather internal feedback

Survey software is not limited to just producing external surveys. It is also a powerful resource for creating internal surveys that collect feedback from employees, managers, directors, executives, officers, etc. Make use of internal surveys to understand what they think, feel, expect, and need. Internal surveys often provide you with the most useful feedback to maintain and manage operational excellence.  Continue reading