Snap Survey Software How-to: Better Manage Your Survey Files

Learn how to better manage your survey files using Snap Survey Software

The way you store and name your survey files using Snap Survey Software can make it much easier to manage, find, and open your surveys in the future. If you carry out several similar surveys once a year, the file name may be the quickest way to tell the difference between them. You can also make it easier to find a particular survey by sorting your surveys into folders. Continue reading

Create Product Development Surveys with Survey Software

Survey Software can play an important role in the product development process

When developing new products, businesses want to make certain that their products will be successful. In the initial stages of the new product development process, it is important to implement surveys using an advanced survey software solution. Surveys are a cost effective means for collecting feedback from your target markets. Surveys are designed to collect important feedback that can have a big impact on new product development plans. Receiving feedback directly from potential end users gives product development teams the confidence to roll out new products to market.

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Snap Survey Software How-to: Use YouTube Videos in Your Online Surveys

Learn how to use YouTube videos in your online surveys with Snap Survey Software

When using Snap Survey Software, you can insert media files directly into your online survey using the Insert Media object capability. You can also link to items stored elsewhere on the Web.

YouTube videos are stored on servers elsewhere on the Web, so you need to link to them. The easiest way to do this is to use the embed code provided on the YouTube site. This is a piece of HTML code that you can embed in your online survey and link to your chosen video.

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Measure Brand Awareness with Brand Recognition Surveys

How do you measure the effectiveness of your brand awareness to ensure consumers recognize your brand?

Maintaining brand awareness is an important aspect in marketing your business. It is very helpful to analyze the perceptions your target audience has towards your product packaging, marketing & advertising, products, services, and messages sent  through various channels. Inviting consumers to provide feedback and maintaining a constant presence in your target markets is essential to the brand.

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Why Measure Your Company’s Brand Awareness?

Why measure the effectiveness of your company’s brand awareness?

First, what is brand awareness and brand recognition? When a consumer refers to a product or service as a household name, for example: Pepsi, Coca-Cola (Coke), Shell Oil, McDonald’s, Nike, or Kleenex, the consumer is speaking of its brand recognition (or brand awareness). The consumer recognizes and associates the golden arches with McDonald’s, or the swoosh design with Nike, and many are conditioned to refer to a tissue as “a Kleenex.”

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When it Comes to Online Surveys, There Are No Wrong Answers

Wrong answer or wrong question? That is the question.

What is the goal of your online survey? Perhaps your goal is to measure employee satisfaction, improve product features, improve student learning, or increase your customer base. Whatever your goal is, online surveys are a great solution for collecting valuable feedback and information. Online surveys are easy to create, but wait! Have you tested your survey to ensure that you receive the types of answers you anticipate? When it comes to developing questions for your online surveys, plan your survey questions wisely, because there is no such thing as a wrong answer. There are only wrong questions.

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What Makes a Successful Business? Listening.

Improve Your Business’ Bottom Line with Survey Software

What makes a successful business? A successful business is one that listens and acts upon the needs of its stakeholders – customers, clients, employees, investors, associates, partners, suppliers, vendors, and even the local community. Many of your stakeholders are the ones purchasing from your business. Listening and acting on the needs of your stakeholders will affect your bottom line. Businesses that take the time to listen to, identify with, and respond to stakeholders’ needs position themselves for success.

Snap Survey Software How-to: Use Filters to Analyze Respondent Data

Learn how to use filters to analyze respondent data using Snap Survey Software 

Snap Survey Software provides the function of filters that users can use to limit the data that is displayed or analyzed. You can filter data so that:

  • it only includes the respondents you want (for example, creating a pie-chart showing the sports preferences of Canadian men between the ages of 25 and 35)
  • it does not include the people you don’t want (for example, excludes all men who like ice hockey)
  • it only includes people who have done things on a certain date or time (for example, watched ice hockey in November)

Filters allow you to limit the data you view. You can use the filter function when analyzing data by filtering it by respondents’ answers to one or more of the questions. You can also filter data by respondents who did or did not reply to certain questions, for example, you can select all respondents who wrote a comment.

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5 Key Points to Consider in an Online Survey Introduction

What are the key points to include in online survey introductions?

There are several tips to keep in mind when asking customers, clients, users, or partners to provide feedback for your online survey. You are inviting participants to spend their valuable time to provide you with feedback — and in most cases, without any tangible or immediate benefit to them for completing the online survey.

The best way to convince participants to spend their time completing your online survey is to create an Introduction page describing the purpose of the research; why you are soliciting their feedback; what their feedback means to the research; and explain how you will protect participant privacy.

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Plan the Order and Flow of All Your Survey Questions

When designing your survey, plan the order and flow of your survey questions

An important aspect of successfully writing surveys is knowing in what order to ask your questions. Random placement of survey questions may have a negative impact on the quality of survey data you collect from respondents.

If your survey needs to be completed by a particular target audience, ensure that screener questions (also referred to as qualifier questions) are placed at the beginning of the survey. Do not make respondents, who do not qualify to complete your survey, complete any more work than they need to. Don’t upset your respondents, especially if they are customers. It is possible that you may need to contact unqualified respondents in the future to partake in additional research surveys.

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