Snap Survey Software How-to: Use Filters to Analyze Respondent Data

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Learn how to use filters to analyze respondent data using Snap Survey Software 

Snap Survey Software provides the function of filters that users can use to limit the data that is displayed or analyzed. You can filter data so that:

  • it only includes the respondents you want (for example, creating a pie-chart showing the sports preferences of Canadian men between the ages of 25 and 35)
  • it does not include the people you don’t want (for example, excludes all men who like ice hockey)
  • it only includes people who have done things on a certain date or time (for example, watched ice hockey in November)

Filters allow you to limit the data you view. You can use the filter function when analyzing data by filtering it by respondents’ answers to one or more of the questions. You can also filter data by respondents who did or did not reply to certain questions, for example, you can select all respondents who wrote a comment.

You can filter on the value of a question response or on data that Snap Survey Software provides. The way you filter may be different depending on the type of survey question.

  • Filter multi-response values on which code(s) respondents have selected. You can also filter on how many codes respondents have selected.
  • Filter quantity questions by whether the value is larger, smaller, or equal to another value.
  • Filter by the date or time, or on parts of them such as month, day, or hour.
  • Filter text questions on whether the text has been entered, or whether it contains particular words or parts of words.
  • Filter cases by case number.

You can also combine filters together using Boolean logic. You may have come across this when using Google or eBay searches.

Learn how to use filters to analyze your survey data. View the Snap Survey Software How-to worksheet: Using filters to find a subset of respondents

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