5 Key Points to Consider in an Online Survey Introduction

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What are the key points to include in online survey introductions?

There are several tips to keep in mind when asking customers, clients, users, or partners to provide feedback for your online survey. You are inviting participants to spend their valuable time to provide you with feedback — and in most cases, without any tangible or immediate benefit to them for completing the online survey.

The best way to convince participants to spend their time completing your online survey is to create an Introduction page describing the purpose of the research; why you are soliciting their feedback; what their feedback means to the research; and explain how you will protect participant privacy.

Here are the 5 key points you want to communicate to respondents through your Introduction page.

  1. Why – Explain why you are administering the survey.
  2. Time – Clearly state how long the survey will take to complete.
  3. Privacy – Present who will have access to the survey data; if the survey data will remain anonymous; and whether the respondents’ privacy will be protected.
  4. Incentives – If offered, clearly describe incentives. Offering incentives may increase response rates.
  5. Confirm – Make it clear that the participant must click the “Continue,” “Accept,” or “Submit” button in order to confirm and participate in the online survey. If a participant chooses not to complete your online survey, instruct them on what to do next.

A well-planned Introduction page can help you increase your survey response rates. When creating an online survey Introduction page, think of this page as an invitation inviting respondents to participate. You must be convincing and genuine enough for a respondent to give you their time, undivided attention, and valuable feedback.

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