If you are using a bought-in panel of respondents, the panel provider may require you to provide a respondent’s ID and exit status when they leave the survey, so the panel provider knows whether they completed the survey, were screened out, or if they were over quota. They collect this information by sending the respondent to a webpage that captures their exit status and ID after they have completed the survey.

Snap WebHost allows you to direct respondents to a specific web address at the end of the survey. It also enables you to provide a web address that respondents are sent to if the quota is met. This worksheet describes how to send the respondent to the relevant webpage and to include a participant’s ID and exit status.

Section 1 – Including the respondents ID.

For the panel to identify which respondents were completed, screened out or over quota an ID has to be assigned to each respondent. This ID has to be passed into the survey in order for it to be passed out of the survey via the exit URL.

  1. Insert an open ended variable to capture the ID. In this example the variable will be called Q1. Right click on the open ended variable and choose Hide Variable.
  2. The panel will need to pass the ID into the survey and this is done via the survey URL. When they send the invites, they will include a unique ID on the end of the URL for each respondent. This ID will be passed into the open ended variable created above. To pass information to this variable via the survey URL you need to include the parameter: &q1= followed by the respondents unique ID, which in this example, is 12345
    Survey URL – https://www.snapsurveys.com/wh/s.asp?k=123456789111
    Plus respondents ID

Section 2 – Setting up the exit page URL’s

Example One

The exit URL’s are as follows:

Complete – http://www.panelcompanywebsite.com/Complete.asp?CustomerID=12345

ScreenOut – http://www.panelcompanywebsite.com/ScreenOut.asp?CustomerID=12345

QuotaFull – http://www.panelcompanywebsite.com/QuotaFull.asp?CustomerID=12345

  1. Enter the URL for the QuotaFull exit page into the Quota window. For information about creating quotas see https://www.snapsurveys.com/support-snap11/worksheets/quotas/


    The complete and screen out exit page URL’s need to be entered into the On Submit field of the questionnaire properties.


    However, as you can only enter one URL in the On Submit field and you have two exit URL’s that will be shown under different circumstances i.e. complete and screened out, you will need to create a derived variable that allows you to enter the rules for the completed and screened out status. In this example the screen out is based on the response to Q2. If the respondent selects either option 2 or 3 at Q2 they do not qualify for the survey.

  2. In the variables window (View | Variables) click the + icon to create a new variable. Change the type to Derived and the response to Single. Change the name to ExitStatus.In code one, enter the label as ScreenOut. Press tab to be taken to the Values column and enter the rule Q2=(2,3). Press Tab to add a second code, enter the label as Complete, press tab to move into the Values column and enter the rule as true. Click the green tick icon to save the variable.
  3. From the questionnaire design window, choose File | Page setup | scroll to the Replies section |choose Web page | enter the exit page URL details as follows:
    1. the first part of the URL http://www.panelcompanywebsite.com/
    2. reference the name of the exit status derived variable in curly brackets {ExitStatus}
    3. the next part of the URL .asp?CustomerID=
    4. reference the ID variable created at section 1 above in curly brackets {Q1}. This ensures the respondents ID is also passed to the exit page.

    The whole URL will look like this:


    Note – the parts of the URL that need to change are referencing variables in the survey.

    When a respondent completes the survey and they choose options 2 or 3 at Q2, they will be sent to is the screen out web page:


    Everyone else will be sent to the completed web page:


Example 2

The exit URL’s are as follows:

Complete – http://www.panelcompanywebsite.com/webpage.asp?Status=1&CustomerID=12345

ScreenOut –http://www.panelcompanywebsite.com/webpage.asp?Status=2&CustomerID=12345

QuotaFull – http://www.panelcompanywebsite.com/webpage.asp?Status=3&CustomerID=12345

  1. Enter the URL for the QuotaFull exit page into the Quota window.


  2. Use the derived variable method as outlined above in step 2 of example one, but in code 1 enter the label as 2 for the screenout status and in code 2 enter the label as 1 for the complete status.


  3. To enter the URL use the same method as outlined in step 3 of example one.
    The URL would be entered like so:


This worksheet has described how to set up a survey to submit a status and respondent id to a web page on completion. It also covered how to to pass the status and respondent id to a web page for people who were over-quota.

It then described how to set Snap WebHost to include the respondent id in the survey so that it could be passed to the web page.

For a simple introduction to sending respondents to web pages on completion, see the worksheet: Dynamically changing the website address that respondents go to on survey completion.

For a complete list of paradata variables available, see: Paradata properties

If there is a topic you would like a worksheet on, email to snapideas@snapsurveys.com