The Style Templates in Snap allows you to either apply an existing template to the current questionnaire, or to save a style as a template to use in other questionnaires. The advantage of this feature is that it enables you to quickly format your questionnaire with a ‘house style’ without having to create it from scratch each time.

Creating a personalised template

Step 1

Add your questions to the questionnaire and then customise them so they appear as you require. For example you may decide to change the number of columns within a question (see the example below), use a different font or change the style of the boxes etc. The Topic menu would be used to make these changes to your questions.

How Often ws 13

Step 2

When you customise a default question style this will make a new unnamed style, which means it will be named with ‘like’ at the beginning of the default name in the Styles Selection dropdown list on the toolbar.

Like Multi Choice

In order for this new style of question to be added to the template it has to be saved with a name.

To name an unnamed style, select the question then switch to Style Mode Style mode button.

Select the Style Organiser Style properties button icon.

Style Organiser window ws 13

The question selected in the Design window will be highlighted in the Styles list in the Style Organiser dialog box. Click on the Properties button and name the new style in the Style Properties dialog box, e.g. Multi Choice 4 Columns.

Click Ok to close the Style Properties dialog box and then OK again to close the Style Organiser dialog box.

Any questions in the questionnaire that have had the same customisation applied to them as the new style will now be named as the new style.

Multi Choice 4 Columns ws 13

Step 3

Repeat steps 1 and 2 above to save any customised questions in the questionnaire with a named style.

Step 4

Click Design mode button to return to Design Mode; the newly named styles will be available in the Style Selection dropdown list.

Step 5

Once you have saved all the styles that you want to use in your questionnaire the styles can be saved in a template.

Select the Editions and Style Templates Style Templates icon icon.

Editions and Style Templates window ws 13

Click the Save button from the Style Template section.

Save the new template by giving it a name, e.g. House Style.qsf, then click Save.

Step 6

The new template is now saved in the Snap Styles folder. To access a saved style simply click the Editions and Style Templates icon Style Templates icon, then click on the Load button and browse to the appropriate saved style file.

All the new question styles that have been created and saved are now loaded from the template selected. You can determine what level of the template you want to apply based on 3 options.

  • Page Setup – portrait/ landscape (for paper questionnaires) etc.
  • Colours – the individual colour for the background/fonts/boxes, etc.
  • Layout – the arrangement and format of individual styles of questions.

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