This worksheet covers how to prevent further survey invitations and reminder messages from being sent using Snap WebHost for a given survey. This can be applied permanently (for example where a respondent has objected to receiving further emails) or temporarily (for example where a respondent wishes to restrict the processing of their personal data, until such a restriction is lifted).


Snap WebHost allows researchers to send emails to respondents who are listed under the “respondents” tab. As the survey progresses, researchers might wish to disable a given respondent. Once a respondent has been disabled, they will no longer be able to take the survey or be sent any future email messages from Snap WebHost in relation to that survey. A respondent can be “re-Enabled” at any time.

Summary of steps

Step 1: Login to WebHost and select the desired survey
Step 2: Find respondents and change their “Enabled” status

Step 1: Login to WebHost and select the desired survey:

  1. Open your favorite browser and browse to your Snap WebHost login page.
  2. Login to Snap Webhost using your assigned researcher account and navigate to the desired survey.

Step 2: Find respondents and change their completion status:

  1. Once in the survey, click on the “respondents” tab. Search for a respondent based on username:
    Respondent search
  2. To change their “Enabled” status, click on their current status of “Yes” to change it to “No”:
    Respondent status yes
    Respondent status no

    A status of “No” will indicate to Snap WebHost that the respondent is no longer active. They will not receive any future messages or be able to access the survey.


A respondent can be “re-enabled” at any time by repeating Step 1 and Step 2 by changing the status to Yes instead of No.

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