This worksheet explains how to limit respondents in multiple categories, for example, by gender and age. This is known as an interlocking quota.

Gender age

Step 1: Create a derived variable

To set up an interlocking quota, you first need to set up a derived variable in your survey.

AgeGendergroup Variables Details
  1. Click multiples icon to open the variables window.
  2. Click plus | add to add a new variable.
  3. Name the variable AgeGendergroup, and label it Age and Gender.
  4. Set the type to Derived, the Response to Single, and the Codes to 4.
  5. Double click in the Label column, and add a code label of Men under 25.
  6. Use the Tab key to move across to the Values column.
  7. Set the value to be the gender question equal to the male code, and the age question to the under-25 codes. In this case, that would be q1=1 and q2=(1,2).
  8. Tab again for the next label and set it to men over 25. Set the value to q1=1 and q2=(3,4,5).
  9. Repeat for women under 25 and over 25.
  10. Click the Save button to add a new variable.

Step 2: Set up the weight for the derived variable

Weight details
  1. With the questionnaire open, click weight button 2 to open the weights dialog.
  2. Click plus | add to create a new weight.
  3. Give the weight a name and label and then click in the value column for code 1. In this example, code 1 is males under 25.
  4. Type a value of 25 for code 2 and then use the tab key to move down to code 2. Continue adding quotas for your four groups.
  5. Click the Save button to save the weight.

Step 3: Set up the quota that associates the weight and the variable

  1. Select the Tailor | Quotas… option. The Quota Control dialog box appears.
    Quota control
  2. Click Add button . The Set Up Quota dialog box appears.
    Set up quota
  3. Change the quota name to AgeGender.
  4. Use Arrow Down on the Variable and Weight options to make your selection.
  5. Snap fills out the list to the right according to your settings.
  6. When you are satisfied that the quota has been set up correctly, click OK button . Snap returns to the Quota Control window. Your quota is now listed in the Available Quotas pane.

Step 4: Activate the quota

Quota control - activate
  1. Ensure the ‘Use Quota Control’ tick box is selected in the Quota Control dialogue box and click OK button to save the settings.

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