When questions are designed which require currency values to be clearly identifiable, include the words or symbols representing the currency outside the applicable box. This will indicate to the interviewee that only a numeric value needs to be entered.

Step By Step

Step 1

Ensure you are in Design Mode. Select the question where you want the currency sign displayed, for example Q7 ‘How much did you spend in the shop?’

Step 2

Select Show from the Topics menu.

Step 3

From the next drop-down select Grid Label and place a tick in the box next to Show.

Step 4

Delete the pre-existing text and type in your currency sign. Then from the Topics menu change to Alignment and set to Right.

Step 5

Select Tabs from the Topics menu and increase the Tab option for Grid Label to the desired location and set the Code Offset to 0%.

Step 6

If you wish to increase the size of the symbol select the symbol and then Font from the Topics menu. Adjust as needed.

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