This worksheet describes how to delete surveys for both Snap Professional and Snap WebHost.

Deleting a Survey in Snap WebHost

  1. After logging into Snap WebHost, ensure the Surveys tab is selected and identify the survey to be deleted.
  2. There are three states of a survey; live which is marked with a green circle, paused which is represented by an orange diamond and stopped which is indicated by a red square. If you can see a red square in the row for the survey you want to delete skip to step 6, otherwise continue to step 3.
    survey paused
  3. Click on the name of the survey.
  4. Click the stop questionnaire link in the Summary tab.
  5. Select the Home tab to return to the Survey Overview Window.
  6. select home

    Click the delete delete icon icon and a confirmation dialog appears.

    survey stopped
  7. Click Delete to delete the survey from Snap WebHost.
    delete dialogue

Deleting a Survey in Snap Professional

    1. If the Survey Overview Window is not showing on screen, display it by selecting the menu option File | Survey Overview or click on file icon.
    2. Select the survey you wish to delete.
    3. Click the minus sign on Survey Overview toolbar  delete minus to delete the survey.

When deleting a survey, you can:

      • delete all variables, reports and weights (.mdf file)
      • delete the survey data, if available (.rdf file)
      • delete the temporary back up files (.mdo/.rdo file)
  1. Select the components of the survey that you wish to delete and click Delete.
    delete select
  2. Click Yes to confirm your selection on the warning message.
    delete confirmation

This worksheet has described how to delete a survey from Snap Professional and Snap WebHost, you may have also created archive (.adf) files and have network backups that need to be deleted.

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