There may be situations where you may wish to amend data relating to a survey respondent from your Snap WebHost data, for example when an individual exercises their right to rectification.
This worksheet outlines how to amend a respondent’s submitted response data and any respondent details used for the email invites/logins list.

Amending submitted data cases held within your Snap WebHost survey

There are some circumstances where you may need to amend individual data cases from your Snap WebHost data. You can do this by downloading all the data from Snap WebHost to the desktop version of the survey, amending the data in the desktop version and then reloading it back into Snap WebHost. This worksheet outlines the process.

  1. Log into your Snap WebHost account and open the relevant survey. Wait for anyone currently completing the survey to finish, then in the Summary tab, pause the survey.
  2. Download all the data to the desktop survey.
    If you are not sure how to download your data, click here for Direct Download or here for Text file.
  3. Amend the relevant data (eg. the repondent’s response data) in the desktop software. This can be done via the data entry window. Open the data entry window. Click data entry button to open the data entry window. Find the case, and then amend the data as necessary.
  4. Save the changes .
  5. Archive the desktop survey. To do this open the Survey Overview window and click file icon.
    survey overview window.
  6. Select the survey you wish to archive. If it is not displayed, use [Browse] to find the folder containing it.
  7. Click the Archive Survey icon archive survey icon. The archive dialog box appears:
    archive dialog window.
  8. Snap generates a file name based on the name of the survey along with the .adf extension. This file is stored where you are currently working. If you wish to change the location and also the file name, you can do so by clicking the[Browse] button.
  9. Check the Include Raw Data box to include the case data in your archive.
  10. Click [OK] to archive the survey. If the survey has previously been archived to that location, you will see the following message dialog:
    database linkage
  11. Click [Yes]. This will overwrite the previous archive of this survey. If you have created other archive files or exported data to other software packages that contain the data you have to amended, you will also need to update those files.
    When the survey has archived correctly Snap will display the following confirmation message:

    successfully archived
  12. Click [OK] to continue.
  13. In Snap WebHost, open the survey.
  14. In the Summary tab click [Delete all data].
  15. Click [OK]
  16. Now the data with the amended case(s) can be added back into Snap WebHost.
  17. Still in the Summary tab, click on the [Reload Survey] link.
  18. Browse to the archived file, and then upload it. This will overwrite your files in Snap WebHost.
  19. If your survey includes a list of respondents a dialog box appears that includes an Upload respondents action drop-down selection list. Leave this set to Add.
    upload respondents action
  20. Check the analysis and survey is correct, then click to restart the survey.

Note: To fully amend the data, any previously created archive files/ cloned surveys/ back ups you have made which specifically identify that individual will also need to be amended. You may also need to re-run any reports which specifically identify that individual.

Note: After reloading the archive, the Completes and Cases figures will be different.

Amending a respondent from the mailing/logins list on Snap WebHost

In a Snap WebHost survey where you have uploaded a list of respondents for the purpose of email invites/logins or both, you will have a link to a database of respondents within the survey. To edit the list of respondents, you should first edit the database file, next, run the database link within the survey to produce an updated list, and then upload the new respondent file to the survey in Snap WebHost.
Note. If you have uploaded multiple database files to your survey already, create a new database with just the necessary respondents details, clone the existing database link and select the new file. Now follow the steps below starting from step 3, at step 9 when you are uploading the new file select Modify.

  1. Open your database of respondents and make the relevant amendments.
  2. In Snap desktop, open the original survey that was published and linked to the database.
  3. Choose File | Database links | and select the relevant database link.
  4. Next click the Run button.
    database links
  5. When prompted to execute the linkage choose OK.
    archive warning
  6. In the Output Folder field, choose a location to save the new respondent file remembering to note your chosen location. Press OK. This process creates a new zip file that contains the updated respondent details. You will need to be able to find this file in order to upload it to WebHost.
    generate new respondents file
  7. Log in to your Snap WebHost account. Open the relevant survey name and select the Respondents tab.
  8. Click Upload respondents, then click Browse and browse to the zip file you have just created in the database link wizard.
  9. Set to the Upload respondent action to Update All. If you are unfamiliar with these options, click here for further explanation. This will ensure that the respondent is updated in the respondent list in Snap WebHost.
    update all
  10. Click Upload and check your list of respondents is correct.

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