Emoji subject lines are becoming increasingly popular and are proven to be an easy way for subject lines to stand out in inboxes. When it comes to surveys, it’s all about engaging with respondents to help increase response rates. Using emojis in your email subject lines can be an effective, attention-generating method to increase your survey response rates and get more people to complete your survey.

You can use emojis as an initial way of engaging with a respondent by replacing words in your survey invitation subject line with an emoji. Do keep in mind that there are many different email clients and all don’t render email in the same manner. It’s important to test any emoji subject line before sending to survey respondents.

This worksheet covers how to insert emojis into the subject or body of an email invite sent from Snap Webhost.


Snap Webhost allows researchers to send emails to respondents. These emails can be customized once uploaded to Snap Webhost. One of these customizations can be the addition of emojis.

Summary of steps

Step 1: Find a desired emoji
Step 2: Login to Webhost and edit uploaded emails

Step 1: Find a desired emoji

1. There are several sites that allow for the perusal of emojis, such as https://emojipedia.org/. Once an emoji has been chosen, copy it.

Step 2: Log in to Snap Webhost and edit uploaded emails

1. Log in to Snap Webhost using your assigned researcher account and navigate to a survey that contains the desired email.

2. Click on the “Messages” tab and use the “Edit” option to edit an email’s subject or body.


3. Paste the copied emoji into the email, then click “Save”.

4. Click the “Test” button to send yourself the email in order to check it.

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