Snap Survey Software How-to: Better Manage Your Survey Files

Learn how to better manage your survey files using Snap Survey Software

The way you store and name your survey files using Snap Survey Software can make it much easier to manage, find, and open your surveys in the future. If you carry out several similar surveys once a year, the file name may be the quickest way to tell the difference between them. You can also make it easier to find a particular survey by sorting your surveys into folders. Continue reading

Snap Survey Software How-to: Filter the Analyses Your Clients See

Learn how to filter the analyses your clients can see using Snap Survey Software

Snap Survey Software’s client filter feature allows you to set filters on the analyses your clients can see using Snap WebHost, our survey management and analysis system, for your online surveys.

If you use client accounts on Snap WebHost, you can set-up a filter for each online survey. This filter will be applied to the client accounts view of all the analyses in that survey. Continue reading

Snap Survey Software How-to: Attach Files to an Online Survey

Learn how respondents can attach files as an answer to a question in an online survey using Snap Survey Software

AttachIt-feature-survey-softwareSnap Survey Software‘s AttachIt feature allows your respondents to attach files as answers to individual questions in your Snap WebHost online surveys.  You can create a literal question in a Snap WebHost online survey and allow respondents to attach a file in response. Files can be pictures, audio files, video files, or documents, up to 10Mb in size.

Once a file has been attached, Snap WebHost tags it with a unique identifier (ID) that relates it to that question and that response. You can have multiple attachment questions in a single questionnaire. Continue reading

Snap Survey Software How-to: Use YouTube Videos in Your Online Surveys

Learn how to use YouTube videos in your online surveys with Snap Survey Software

When using Snap Survey Software, you can insert media files directly into your online survey using the Insert Media object capability. You can also link to items stored elsewhere on the Web.

YouTube videos are stored on servers elsewhere on the Web, so you need to link to them. The easiest way to do this is to use the embed code provided on the YouTube site. This is a piece of HTML code that you can embed in your online survey and link to your chosen video.

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Snap Survey Software How-to: Create Reports by Running a Batch

Easily generate reports by creating and running a batch using Snap Survey Software

survey-software-batchesYou can create reports in Snap Survey Software, publishing a set of analyses automatically. You can easily do this by creating a Batch.  What is a batch? Batches allow you to generate reports by giving Snap a series of instructions. You can define tables, charts, maps, or lists to be included in the report. Each analysis can also include notes. You can specify the way all the analyses appears with ease.

When creating a batch, you add all the analyses you want to be visible in the report to the batch, then run the batch to quickly generate the report. It’s that easy!

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Solutions to Traditional Employee Reviews

What are some alternative solutions to traditional employee reviews?

In yesterday’s blog post, Are Traditional Employee Reviews Still Beneficial?, we discussed the issues facing traditional employee reviews. Today, we discuss alternative solutions that organizations can carry out in their employee review process.

The process of traditional employee reviews has many organizations questioning their current review processes. The traditional employee review process is proving to be outdated and filled with inefficiencies. Those inefficiencies include:

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When is the Best Time to Survey New Employees?

When is the best time to survey new employees? The answer may surprise you.  

You may think that you need to give employees at least a few months to get acclimated to their new position, job environment, and get a feel for office dynamics within your company. However, there is no better time to survey new employees than from the very beginning. Or better yet, survey potential hires during the hiring process with a pre-employment survey.

It may seem odd to survey interviewees during the hiring process, but from the start, it is important for your business to:

  1. Show potential employees that your company cares about the continued success of the business and its employees, and
  2. Gauge how a potential new hire will react to your company’s work environment and how they will adapt to the work culture.

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5 Key Points to Consider in an Online Survey Introduction

What are the key points to include in online survey introductions?

There are several tips to keep in mind when asking customers, clients, users, or partners to provide feedback for your online survey. You are inviting participants to spend their valuable time to provide you with feedback — and in most cases, without any tangible or immediate benefit to them for completing the online survey.

The best way to convince participants to spend their time completing your online survey is to create an Introduction page describing the purpose of the research; why you are soliciting their feedback; what their feedback means to the research; and explain how you will protect participant privacy.

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Snap Survey Software How-to: Format a Grid Question for an Online Survey

Learn how to format a grid question for an online survey using Snap Survey Software 

grid_multi_comment_survey_questionSnap Survey Software offers many tools to assist users with formatting of and layout of survey questions, and making adjustments to elements of question positioning.

When you are creating an online survey for the Web, you do not have the same control over how it looks as you do with a paper survey. Different monitors and different browsers can make surveys look quite different, so it is worth testing your survey before you place it live on the Web. You also have to consider how the online survey will appear in different window sizes, rather than assuming that all the respondents will look at a full-screen window.

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Use Survey Software to Engage with Sales Prospects

Survey software as a lead generation tool?

Your sales team compiles several sales leads throughout the year, from information gathered at trade shows, conferences, webinars, sign-ups for trial accounts, online pay-per-click campaigns, and more – many of which stay in your CRM systems as unconverted sales opportunities.

Have you ever considered using survey software as a lead generation tool?  Survey software is not typically viewed as a sales tool, however, it can prove to be a great asset to any sales team. Surveys are an effective way to gather information about current and potential customers’ needs, as well as a tool to engage and gather important customer data that you can use to develop sales strategies. Continue reading