Snap Survey Software How-to: Merge Similar Surveys

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How-to: Merge two identically structured surveys using Snap Survey Software 

Merging two identically structured surveys using Snap Survey Software is very simple. It may be required to merge surveys in the following situations:

  • Surveys administered on an annual basis. It may be of interest to analyze trends through two or more years. It would be fairly common for the survey to change slightly from year to year, so those alterations must be taken into account.
  • Surveys on one subject, but with a variety of different focal points.For example, a software company may administer a survey with the same topic and similar questions to software users and another version to non-users.
  • Surveys conducted for different locations or sites. For example, a survey of similar tourist attractions can be administered, but varies between sites because  of the specific facilities available at each site.
  • Surveys conducted using two different interviewing methods. For example, data from an online survey can be merged with data from a paper survey or a mobile survey.

Learn how to merge surveys here with this informative worksheet: Merge Similar Surveys

This worksheet will demonstrate merging two surveys that differ in composition. The example is a survey that has collected data from Health Club users over two consecutive years. Amendments were made to the first year’s survey to that used for the second year. >>View worksheet

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