Rating and Ranking Questions: Levels of Importance in Your Survey

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When designing your survey questionnaire, ‘Levels of Importance’ questions help you to assess what is most important to your customer, student, or employee. These detailed types of satisfaction questions can help you to understand what an employee likes best or least about his job or what products and services you provide that your customers value most.   Properly measuring level of importance will garner critical information that ensures you continue to provide what is expected or modify what is not.  Level of importance is similar to levels of Satisfaction, in that, Importance does not produce a balanced scale from “Very Unimportant” to “Very Important.” 

A more appropriate scale when rating importance in your questionnaire is:  “Not at all important,” “Slightly Important,” “Important,” “Fairly Important,” and “Very Important,” or numbering 0 to 5 as an interval scale.

When you design your level of importance question in your satisfaction survey, you need to assume the following:

  • Respondents used the products or services you are inquiring about 
  • Respondents can recall using the products or services and can give a considered response.

This set of rating scale questions, from a Customer Satisfaction Survey, looks at how important each aspect of service is to the respondent:

This set, also from a Customer Satisfaction Survey, is an example of the “0 – 5” Interval Scale:

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