Build 3.2.548

Released on April 9, 2021

  • (11.33 Snap11, 1.0.375 SnapPool, 4.0.106 SnapSync, 1.03.36 AttachIt SnapDataService)

Features add

  • Allow context values to be multi response


  • Attachments can sometimes be lost (requires latest AttachIt service)
  • Email from name with non ansi chars causes error when sending/testing invite
  • Survey path without username caused problem with Access service
  • Insert hyperlink dialog not set up correctly for survey link tags
  • Remove file paths from web pages
  • Remove Snap Support email from forgotten password email for own install WebHost

Build 3.2.523

Released on May 6, 2020

  • (11.31 Snap11, 1.0.375 SnapPool, 4.0.106 SnapSync, 1.03.30 AttachIt SnapDataService)


  • Images with % in filename don’t show in email invite editor
  • Survey names sorted in Associate CSV download
  • Must answer on the last page causes problems for drop cookie feature
  • Session cookie cleared for each new session (when ADMIN_COOKIES used)
  • Allow multiple email addresses for emailing responses
  • Survey links in email invites sometimes not escaped properly when cut and paste used

Build 3.2.500

Released on February 14, 2020

  • (11.30 Snap11, 1.0.375 SnapPool, 4.0.106 SnapSync, 1.03.30 AttachIt SnapDataService)

Features added

  • Useradmin accounts can only be added/modified/deleted by primary Admin account
  • Added JS_EMAIL_REGEX to global settings for email addresses validation throughout Admin UI


  • Allow own install to be http only
  • Error pop up could lose the page contents causing WCAG 2.1 non-compliance
  • Error shown to user on survey reload if session had timed out
  • Large quota (many codes) causes slow down during interview

Build 3.2.477

Released on September 16, 2019

  • (11.30 Snap11, 1.0.375 SnapPool, 4.0.106 SnapSync, 1.03.30 AttachIt SnapDataService)

Features added

  • Responses section in Setup tab re-styled to make it clearer for when logged in / anonymous survey


  • Caching of survey info to speed up loading of Survey overview page – 2 new flags in (CACHE_SURVEY_DATA, CACHE_STYLE_DATA). Both default to FALSE (ie no caching) and can to be set to TRUE to improve performance
  • Participant username can be cleared leaving no ID
  • Delete option for reloading survey/respondents moved to the end of the line
  • Option to download associates not always available
  • Fix XSS potential within panel login
  • Session ID now a GUID
  • Enhanced security for passing username information in query string
  • ‘Secure survey’ option no longer available on Set up page
  • Username for ‘root’ account can be changed to a custom value
  • Prevent reload of a survey if previously published with Snap 11.28
  • Support code values in email format – requires Snap11.28 to read in the code values (code indexes will be read if if earlier version of Snap)

Build 3.2.412

Released on November 28, 2018

  • (11.26 Snap11, 1.0.375 SnapPool, 4.0.106 SnapSync, 1.03.30 AttachIt SnapDataService)

Features added

  • Set participant start and stop date from when added
  • Resume email – can customise the text within the email body and header for anonymous survey resume links
  • Improved Group Questionnaire functionality including layout, ability to edit a respondent online and to easily reset one of their iterations
  • Passwords now stored using sha256 encryption with a 16 byte salt


  • Performance improvements to speed up Overview page load, partial record processing and exportResponses functionality
  • Ensure all email message ids are unique
  • Javascript error if Right to Left language questionnaire contains a textarea styled variable
  • Truncated reports now return some content rather than ‘Error’
  • Survey reload could fail if data in zip but currently none within the online survey
  • Remap rdf could fail if the rdf is shorter than expected
  • AttachIt upgrade required for updated jQuery library
  • Survey settings text change – ‘Email from address’ is now ‘Reply to address’
  • Survey overview page would sometimes return a blank page in Safari browser on a Mac
  • Seeding a large integer into a multi response variable caused a buffer overflow
  • Fixed survey count as it incorrectly included folders as well as surveys

Build 3.2.329

Released on February 07, 2018

  • (11.22 Snap11, 1.0.375 SnapPool, 4.0.106 SnapSync, 1.03.30 AttachIt SnapDataService)

Features added

  • Pop up a confirmation dialog before changing the status of a respondent
  • AttachIt: Ability to upgrade version of jQuery. UPDATE_UPLOAD_JQUERY added to


  • Fix XSS potential within survey resume
  • AttachIt: Fix XSS potential within upload file
  • Performance improvements: prevent multiple downloads / stop page sending if client is disconnected
  • Non printing characters in URL seeding cause survey link errors
  • Access Service counts incorrect when survey link errors
  • Reloading mobile edition published from earlier versions of Snap (pre 11.10)  could lose the ‘save responses’ state
  • Survey status not updated on a survey which starts on schedule
  • Error when reset a filtered list of respondents
  • Prevent survey delete if mid sending of email
  • Better handling for incorrectly formatted spine file
  • Better handling for accidental reload of SMA edition over a web edition
  • Better handling for when survey load fails
  • ‘Resend last email’ errors if researcher has deleted the invite/reminder template
  • Process HEAD requests returned from email clients

Build 3.2.275

  • (11.20 Snap11, 1.0.375 SnapPool, 4.0.104 SnapSync, 1.03.27 AttachIt SnapDataService, Apr 2017)

Features added

  • Installer checks IIS 6 metabase compatibility module installed prior to running
  • New setting in (FOLDER_COOKIES) to drop cookie containing last folder opened so multiple logins to same account can remember where they were
  • New splash screen and logos


  • Display max number of respondents possible when upload a survey with too many
  • Reload a SMA edition over the top of Web edition leaves in mixed state
  • Default AttachIt key set via installer
  • Performance improvements on mailer start up
  • Decode msf on upload (so it will compress more for SMA)
  • Group ID encoded for better security of group questionnaires
  • Performance improvements for returning list of surveys to SMA users
  • Potential for a survey’s k number to change when survey status altered
  • Not possible to download very large (> 200Mb) AttachIt files
  • Analysis context drop downs are cleared visually when change tab
  • Commas in display name of a report fail to show in Chrome
  • Return list of surveys for DirectDownload when set up for LDAP with non matching WH usernames
  • Offline interviewing setting can’t be unselected if number of Interview Associate logins > 0
  • Calendar date picker skips Feb and issues trying to set end dates when start date is Feb
  • Snoap users corruption during closedown of admin service
  • Mailer slow to start up
  • Password field set to AUTOCOMPLETE = OFF
  • Snap11 could crash downloading csv data when variables depend on context

Build 3.2.241

  • (11.19 Snap11, 1.0.375 SnapPool, 4.0.103 SnapSync, 1.03.27 AttachIt, SnapDataService, Dec 2016)

Features added

  • Option to reset current quota counts added (leaves targets set, just clears the ‘current’ values)
  • Resend last email sent option added for Respondents (This is on an individual respondent basis, so if someone doesn’t get their invite it can easily be re-sent just to them)
  • ‘Time last email sent’ added to respondent status data available for download (this request came in via Snap ideas)
  • SyncServer updated to enable automated email alerts for Snap Mobile Anywhere surveys


  • Fixed layout on Responses tab for an iterative survey
  • Masking causing stack overflow in Interviewer on variable with > 1500 codes
  • Cross-site scripting vulnerabilities highlighted by penetration testing
  • Fixed Interviewer error on a multi edition plain text only survey
  • WH Admin – Prevent survey folder and reports folder being the same
  • Ensure defined quota full page used when all quotas have been met
  • Fixed column drag on Survey Overview page in IE
  • Prevent reports being created with width/height of size 0 which could cause Snap to crash and lock the survey and report request queue

Build 3.2.221

  • (11.17 Snap11, 1.0.375 SnapPool, 4.0.87 SnapSync, 1.03.26 AttachIt, SnapDataService, Aug 2016)

Features added

  • Direct download of responses between WebHost and Snap desktop
  • Usage statistics are now available on a ‘This month/Last month/Set dates/All’ option (new AttachIt required)
  • A ‘delete Cookie’ button has been added so Researchers so they can run their surveys multiple times
  • Email alerts can now be sent to multiple recipients


  • Interviewer error when using seeding ‘AS LOWER CASE’
  • Filter and Context drop downs too narrow when vertical scroll bar
  • Context and filter drop down box size increased
  • Only a table of counts was possible to be created in WH
  • Login.htm not removed from survey in WH on a reload when wanted
  • Admin should only be able to unlock an account (and not lock it)
  • Partials broken if username has non-ansi chars in it
  • SyncServer: project key was wrong for surveys in which settings had changed so responses couldn’t be sync’d
  • SyncServer: check for duplicate response before extracting attachments
  • SyncServer: webhostusers.txt no longer needed
  • SyncServer: responseID not always stored in the duplicates database
  • SyncServer: responses that cause error with AttachIt are now added to SMAError Message Queue
  • SyncServer: Logging improvements – version number added, spurious exceptions no longer logged

Build 3.2.172

  • (11.14 Snap11, 1.0.375 SnapPool, 4.0.65 SnapSync, AttachIt, Feb 2016)

Features added

  • Folder option for Researchers to allow folders to be created to manage surveys
  • Survey overview list can be filtered to show only surveys that match the criteria
  • Survey overview list can be sorted on the different columns
  • Traffic light system to denote the status of a survey
  • Survey setup tab re-ordered to aid understanding of login requirements
  • Session ID can be removed from the URL (see ‘Cookie Settings’ in
  • Context sensitive Help button added to interface
  • Additional functionality added to ‘useradmin’ accounts (view System status / list of logged on users)
  • Logging of email alert messages can be toggled on/off (LOG_EMAIL_ALERTS flag in globalSettings)
  • SSKH number can be removed from emails sent from WebHost (ADD_SURVEY_KEY_TO_EMAIL_BODY flag in globalSettings)


  • Maintain order of filters in survey when uploaded to WebHost
  • Minor text changes on Summary tab for schedule status
  • Borders on question stop the highlight lines from showing
  • Enforce username when creating Associates through upload
  • Handle Snap10 responses containing non-ascii characters
  • URL encoding correct for updatesurvey.asp “on ok”
  • Can no longer delete attachments separately from data
  • Responses containing VxxGRID= fail to import
  • Adding a new line via the WH editor would insert a paragraph rather than a blank line
  • AttachIt: installer backs up web.config as well as merging existing one on upgrade
  • AttachIt: temp folder cleared out when no longer needed
  • AttachIt: Large file handling improved
  • Restarting control service will no longer restart Admin service
  • Prevent Admin service becoming locked when survey not released
  • SnapPool: timeout check made after the response has failed (removes the 5 second delay when moving to deadmessage queue)
  • Locked accounts auto unlock on reset password option / admin cannot lock an account
  • Enhanced the script for adding Researchers (adduser.pyc)
  • Emails which fail to send to invalid ’email from’ address will be forwarded to account holder

Build 3.2.105

  • (11.11.26 Snap11, 1.0.373 SnapPool, 4.0.65 SnapSync, AttachIt, May 2015)


  • Grouped Questionnaires: redirect to the ‘webpage on submission’ when all iterations complete
  • Survey not set up correctly when login added on a reload
  • Quotes in the code labels of variables used for filters prevented all filters from showing
  • User entered Filter /Context values left unformatted
  • m4v file extensions are now supported
  • SMA AttachIt files processed with multiple responses correctly

Build 3.2.94

  • (11.11.09 Snap11, 1.0.372 SnapPool, 4.0.62 SnapSync, AttachIt, Apr 2015)

Features added

  • Interviewer now writes responses to message queue resulting in improved speed performance
  • Mailer server can be run at any priority (MAILER_PRIORITY setting in
  • new installs force the root password to be changed when log in for the first time
  • summary screen layout changed to reduce confusion over download options
  • password policy changes (enforce 3 of 4 option / enforce at login option)
  • ‘any number’ quota accepted (use ‘NR’ for any number and ‘0’ for none)
  • Email invites and reminders are not overwritten when reloading a survey if they have been edited in WH


  • Prevent Researcher uploading Associate csv whilst an upload is in progress
  • Reload of survey now uploads email invites if previously there weren’t any
  • Fixed potential corruption of snpdf
  • Fixed crash on opening pre 11.07 survey with data
  • multi edition surveys now work without javascript
  • copying a message with tagged up links doesn’t copy the link correctly and survey links created in IE7-9 were invalid
  • Deleting a survey uploaded from adf now removes all files
  • ‘private’ images option kept on survey reload
  • email alerts parsed before sending to remove commented out html code
  • root admin can no longer gives themselves useradmin permissions
  • Can now seed into id.language
  • images with spaces in filename don’t work on login page
  • WH shows error if try and upload a survey containing 2 quotas based on the same variable
  • unhandled chars in survey title result in user unable to log on
  • invalid intervals on invites stop new invites from being created
  • WH to always use root account details for new accounts

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