The British Holiday & Home Parks Association (BH&HPA) is a membership organization serving and representing the interests of the British parks industry.

Surveying customers to keep them on side

The BH&HPA wanted to offer its 2000 members a customer satisfaction survey. The survey would be continuously available online and on paper, and participating parks would receive personalized reports every month.

Online surveys, paper surveys, personalised monthly reports

Our feedback system requires no intervention from the BH&HPA. Online replies are collated automatically, and paper survey replies are input by the managing park. Participating holiday parks are emailed a personalised report each month.

Each report contains:

  • Park specific analyses including narrative with summary tables, charts and comment lists.
  • Benchmark comparisons between that park’s performance and other similar parks.
  • Benchmark comparisons of performance for current month vs the equivalent period last year

Additional features of the feedback system:

  • Unfavourable comments are instantly emailed directly to the relevant park.
  • Parks can update their survey to reflect changes in facilities offered.
  • Parks can opt-out for periods during which they are closed.
  • If a park receives too few responses an abbreviated report is sent.

BH&HPA offer the survey for free although there is great potential to charge for the service.