We partnered with TSO to create a survey solution for the UK Government’s Maritime & Coastguard Agency. The Wellbeing-at-Sea Tool looks at improving working conditions at sea through highly relevant questions, instant analysis, and deep-dive reporting.

Maritime & Coastguard Agency

Wellbeing-at-Sea Tool to improve life for maritime workers

Maritime workers play a vital role in the success of the UK – 95% of all imports come in by sea. Working at sea is a rewarding career, but it can have its challenges and so the MCA commissioned TSO to partner with Snap Surveys to produce the Working at Sea Tool which gives tailored advice on wellbeing to seafarers based on a series of questions.

What is the Wellbeing-at-Sea Tool?

It’s an all-in-one survey tool for maritime workers that considers every aspect of their life working at sea.

As well as considering their mental and physical health, it asks questions about the working culture on board the ships – such as organisational support, diversity, and inclusion.

Questions are worded in the form of a statement, where the respondent states how much they ‘agree’ or ‘disagree’ with that statement.

To enable deeper analysis by the MCA, the survey offers respondents the opportunity to include details such as the name of their department, vessel and their role. The survey introduction can be customised and point seafarers to any relevant health and wellbeing support they offer.

Once feedback has been acquired, users can run instant reports that offer an overview of the data. This includes reports for both individuals as well as organisations.

Wellbeing-at-Sea Tool at a glance

  • Easy to run – get started in minutes
  • Select up to 37 highly relevant questions
  • Understand data with ease thanks to one-click summary reports
  • MCA-backed personalised advice given to each respondent as soon as they have answered all the questions
  • Full privacy policy included
  • GDPR data compliance
  • All data stored on UK servers

A closer look

The tool creates reports for two levels: at an individual level and at the organisation’s level.

Once a worker completes the Wellbeing-at-Sea Tool survey, they receive automatically tailored advice to that individual based on the answers they have given. For example, they may be given information on rest and recovery if they score low in the Fatigue & Tiredness section.

This information is private and not accessible to the organisation.

For the organisation running the survey, there is built-in reporting that lets management understand the key stories in their feedback – with just the click of a button.

With visual summary reports helping management truly understand the feedback, they will be able to evaluate the steps needed to improve working conditions for employees. The reports also include organisational-level guidance for the next steps as recommended by the MCA.

Ultimately, this will lead to safer lives and safer ships.

Snap Surveys’ ongoing partnership with TSO

The Wellbeing-at-Sea Tool represents the second survey tool we have created in conjunction with TSO, having previously collaborated on the Musculoskeletal Disorders for the UK Government’s Health and Safety Executive.

Dr Steve Jenkins, CEO of Snap Surveys, said: “We are delighted to launch the Wellbeing-at-Sea Tool as part of our longstanding partnership with TSO.

“The digitised survey solution will allow seafarers to give feedback on a large scale across multiple areas that affect their daily life, while giving the organisation the opportunity to understand employee sentiments like never before.

“It’s a highly innovative tool and we believe it will provide a major step forward in working conditions for maritime workers.

“Thanks to the MCA and TSO for their hard work in developing this solution with us here at Snap Surveys.”

For more information, please visit the Snap Surveys Marketplace: Wellbeing at Sea Tool (MCA)