Needing a seamless platform for surveys and reporting

Leeds Beckett University wanted to make it easy for students to give course and module feedback, and for university staff to have instant access to results for analysis. The existing system entailed manually surveying thousands of students on over 100 different modules and courses, with data exported to Excel for analysis. This was time consuming and laborious for both the students completing the evaluations, and for the university staff setting up and analysing the data. There was also potential for the data to be unreliable.

Hosting our survey software

We recommended that Leeds Beckett University install Snap XMP Online – our online survey management system – on their own servers. This meant that Leeds Beckett University could have complete control over survey security and have no restrictions on the number of surveys, survey responses and analysis logins. We also recommended using Snap XMP’s Grouped Questionnaires feature to provide a simple framework for students to give feedback.

Students would be able to:

  • Use an automated, unique and secure login to access their personalised feedback page
  • See a list of modules for which feedback is required, and the completion status of each.
  • Receive automated email invites and reminders to help keep track of outstanding evaluations.

University staff would be able to:

  • Personalise questionnaires with details from the enrolment system, for example course details, student name or tutor name.
  • Login to view real time Smart Reports.
  • Quickly reconfigure content for specific instructors or courses.

Using Smart Reports meant that university staff could view a separate report for each course, department or tutor, using a standard report template – once set up, hundreds of unique reports can be created at the touch of a button.

“The speed of the report production was excellent. We output 100 course and module reports in just five minutes.”

Steve Jones
Principal Lecturer
Leeds Beckett University

This solution did not require any additional development. We delivered consultancy training online so that the tool could be built in house.

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