Sport Wales is the national organization responsible for increasing participation and improving performance in sport in Wales, UK.

Large survey with multi-language reporting

Sport Wales asked us to design a feedback system to manage the annual sports participation in schools survey (the largest survey of any kind, of young people in the UK, and possibly the world). Individual reports were required for stakeholders in both English and Welsh.

Creating customised systems to meet demand

We developed systems to handle up to 100,000 participants and cope with over 5000 simultaneous log-ins. Our online feedback system automatically produced and delivered 947 unique Smart Reports, each tailored for the individual schools, local authorities, and regions.

Each report included:

  • Content in both English and Welsh.
  • Data combined from multiple surveys (students and teachers).
  • Results for each school benchmarked against regional and national data.

Find out more about the 2015 School Sports Survey

“Before Smart Reporting was available, Sport Wales was unable to provide individual schools with data from the surveys, as the task of producing unique detailed reports for all the schools that took part simply couldn’t be achieved. Snap’s Smart Reporting allows us to produce a set of unique reports with data from multiple surveys. The process is extremely effective and provides our partners with a comprehensive set of high quality reports.”

Becca Mattingley, Senior Research and Evaluation Officer at Sport Wales