Offline survey tools: An online survey experience offline

An offline survey tool should provide all the capability of an online survey without the need for a reliable internet connection, making it easier to conduct accurate research on mobile devices out in the field.

Losing connectivity during field research can lead to higher dropout rates and missed opportunities. Event feedback, patient surveys, face-to-face interviews, and kiosk surveys can all be conducted much more reliably and securely with the right offline survey app.

The ability to conduct surveys anywhere, anytime, means you can reach more respondents directly at the point of experience, whether it’s at an event or in a hospital. You’ll be able to collect more honest, immediate, and reliable data using an offline survey tool on a mobile device. However, there are a few things to consider when looking at the different options for offline surveys.

Uninterrupted interview experience

When you’re collecting survey responses in the field, it’s important that you don’t rely on a continuous internet connection – you need to be able to collect honest feedback and insights, without interruptions or distractions. An offline survey should be completed and the response securely stored on the device until an internet connection is available.

In the case of kiosk surveys, it’s also useful for the survey to reset a questionnaire to the beginning once it’s completed or after a period of inactivity, so that the survey is continuously available.

Create dynamic offline surveys

An offline survey app should have all the functionality and capabilities of an online survey. The questionnaire should be branded to match your organization, giving respondents a consistent experience. And, you should be able to increase responses by using interactive questions and advanced survey features such as question routing, piping, and answer masking.

Save and resume partial responses

The ability to save a partial response and resume it at a later point is essential when you’re conducting interviews or completing surveys in the field. If your respondent is interrupted, or you need to pause an interview, you need to be able to save the response and pick it up where you left off. It can also be a useful feature if you want to preload data such as addresses into a questionnaire before going out in the field.

Review results and share reports

When you’re conducting research out in the field, it’s important to keep an eye on the results. An offline survey app should provide instant access to live results, allowing you to view a summary of replies, and create analyses and reports to understand your progress. By checking the results as you go, you can adjust questionnaires or make changes to how you distribute the survey, and share the results with others in your organization.

Keep survey data secure

It’s important that responses are kept secure from collection through to analysis. Survey data should be encrypted throughout the process; on the device used to complete the survey, on the server, and when the data is being transferred.

Attach files and record audio

There are a range of different uses for offline surveys, and sometimes they require the collection of additional supporting files such as images, respondents’ signatures, and audio files of specific answers or the whole interview. These should be easy to add and stored securely with survey responses.

Snap Mobile Anywhere – Offline survey app

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