Allow Respondents to Rank or Order Their Preferences

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Many questions in customer satisfaction surveys ask respondents to rank certain aspects of their experience. Ranking questions ask respondents to rank or order a set of options. In customer satisfaction surveys, ranking questions are asked usually in relation to products or services. Ranking scale questions enable survey respondents to rank a set of products or services from highest to lowest – very best to very worst, most important to least important, very satisfied to very unsatisfied. 

Here is an example of a ranking scale question using a scale of 1 to 4 for a customer satisfaction survey.

In both rating scale and ranking questions in customer satisfaction survey, respondent are being asked to evaluate, or apply value to some aspect of a product or service. These evaluations are made within the mind of the respondent – the respondent may be aware of the criteria they use to make the evaluations or may just make them based on gut reaction.

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