Your use of the free Visitor Check In Tool represents an order that is subject to our terms and conditions and these additional terms, under which your organisation will be our Customer.  This service must only be used for Covid-19 contact tracing purposes for your organisation, and not for any other commercial purpose.  Your organisation is responsible for deleting the data collected by this service in line with any timeframes that may have been specified by relevant authorities. As this is a free service, our support is limited to the help documentation only which is available at Support Hub and so Schedule 2 of the terms and conditions does not apply.  We intend to provide this service for as long as official contact-tracing requirements are in place, but we may withdraw it at any time.  If your free account is inactive for more than 90 calendar days, we may delete any data in the account and close your account.

We will use the information from your account creation in accordance with our Privacy Policy. This may include the use of your data to provide you with information about our products and services. You can opt out of receiving these emails by sending an email to with a subject line of ‘Opt out’.