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Analysing Results4 hr Online classroomWednesday 12th December 2018£225
Analysing ResultsLondon UKThursday 13th December 2018£325
Analysing ResultsLondon UKTuesday 18th December 2018£325
Smart ReportingLondon UKThursday 20th December 2018£325
Questionnaire Design4 hr Online classroomThursday 3rd January 2019£225
Questionnaire DesignLondon UKTuesday 8th January 2019£325
Analysing ResultsLondon UKWednesday 9th January 2019£325
Analysing Results4 hr Online classroomTuesday 15th January 2019£225
Questionnaire DesignBristol UKTuesday 15th January 2019£275
Analysing ResultsBristol UKWednesday 16th January 2019£275
Smart ReportingBristol UKTuesday 22nd January 2019£275
Questionnaire DesignLondon UKWednesday 23rd January 2019£325
Analysing ResultsLondon UKThursday 24th January 2019£325
Smart ReportingLondon UKTuesday 29th January 2019£325
Smart Reporting4 hr Online classroomWednesday 30th January 2019£225
Questionnaire DesignLondon UKMonday 11th February 2019£325
Analysing ResultsLondon UKTuesday 12th February 2019£325
Questionnaire DesignBristol UKWednesday 13th February 2019£275
Analysing ResultsBristol UKThursday 14th February 2019£275
Questionnaire Design4 hr Online classroomMonday 18th February 2019£225
Analysing Results4 hr Online classroomTuesday 19th February 2019£225
Smart ReportingLondon UKWednesday 20th February 2019£325
Questionnaire DesignLondon UKTuesday 26th February 2019£325
Smart Reporting4 hr Online classroomTuesday 26th February 2019£225
Analysing ResultsLondon UKWednesday 27th February 2019£325
Smart ReportingBristol UKThursday 28th February 2019£275
Questionnaire DesignLondon UKTuesday 5th March 2019£325
Analysing ResultsLondon UKWednesday 6th March 2019£325
Questionnaire Design4 hr Online classroomTuesday 12th March 2019£225
Questionnaire DesignBristol UKTuesday 12th March 2019£275
Analysing ResultsBristol UKWednesday 13th March 2019£275
Analysing Results4 hr Online classroomThursday 14th March 2019£225
Questionnaire DesignLondon UKWednesday 20th March 2019£325
Analysing ResultsLondon UKThursday 21st March 2019£325
Smart ReportingLondon UKTuesday 26th March 2019£325
Smart ReportingBristol UKWednesday 27th March 2019£275
Smart Reporting4 hr Online classroomThursday 28th March 2019£225


We offer a discount for Snap Plus members and multiple bookings.

VenuePrice per delegateSnap Plus priceSnap Plus price for two daysSnap Plus price for three days
Bristol £275 £220 £330 £440
London £325 £260 £390 £520
Online £225 £180

Company Training

If there are a few of you in your organisation needing Snap Training, you may benefit from a Company day which can be tailored to your particular needs. Contact us to find out more.

VenueSingle bookingSnap Plus priceSnap Plus price for multiple days
Bristol £1100 £880 £700 per day
London £1300 £1040 £800 per day
At your premises £1400 £1120 £900 per day

All Snap Training sessions are limited to eight delegates to optimise the learning experience.