Focusing on online surveys, this course gives new Snap users an understanding of the survey process. You’ll learn how to design engaging surveys and how to collect and analyse data using our online survey management system.


Attending this course will enable you to:

  • Create engaging and interactive online questionnaires
  • Share surveys and collect replies
  • View Questionnaire and Summary reports


Questionnaire design

We’ll quickly create our first questionnaire and then go on to look at customising the layout, adding questions from the question library and preparing multiple versions of your survey for different audiences.

Data entry preparation

Learn how to minimise errors by setting response types, using question routing, and specifying format and data limits.

Creating engaging and interactive online questionnaires

Starting with a simple online questionnaire we’ll add responsive features such as text substitution and answer validation as well as interactive questions including maps and sliders.

Data collection

We’ll upload a survey to our online survey management system, from where you can collect responses and view Survey Reports.


Face to face

Our dedicated training suites in Bristol or London are the perfect place to bring your Snap skills up to scratch, and with lunch included what could be better? Or, if there are four or more of you it may work out much the same for us to come to your office.


We know it’s not always easy to meet face to face, so we can arrange an online training session for you and your colleagues. You can see our desktop and we can share mouse control. We also run a scheduled online classroom version of this course.

Check out our prices and dates.

If you would like to learn about analysis in Snap, check out our Analysing Results course.

Prices and dates

CourseVenueDatePrice (excl. VAT)Enquire
Snap XMP - Questionnaire Design 4 hr Online classroom Wednesday 8th February 2023 £250 Book
Snap XMP - Questionnaire Design 4 hr Online classroom Monday 20th February 2023 £250 Book
Snap XMP - Questionnaire Design 4 hr Online classroom Wednesday 1st March 2023 £250 Book

Times are based on local time in the UK.