Please note that this policy has been updated and replaced. This version was effective up to 11 February 2015. Please click here to see the current WebHost User Terms.


Snap Surveys offers a number of web (internet) based services. Some are accessed and used in tandem with desktop software and some are accessed directly via a web browser. Some services are subscription based and some are supplied as part of a package. Some offer a great deal of flexibility in the use of the service and some are restricted to the operation of a single template survey.

Whatever the method of access or breadth of use, these are all web based services which enable customers to use Snap Surveys software and servers to manage surveys and to collect, store and/or analyse the responses.

All users of Snap Surveys web based services are subject to these terms of use.

Your License to use Snap Surveys Web Based Services

Snap Surveys grants you a non-exclusive licence to use those aspects of Snap Surveys web based services you have subscribed to for the purposes described on the Snap Surveys website.

Copies of the Snap Surveys Software & Services agreement are available in the Snap Welcome Booklet and on the Snap Surveys website. It is incumbent on you to both read and agree to the terms of this agreement and you must adhere to the conditions and restrictions within that agreement.

Your Responsibilities

You will ensure that all e-mails you send using Snap Surveys Web Based Services:

(a) Start by identifying you as the sender and by making clear the commercial nature of the e-mail.

(b) Include the following statement in the main body of the e-mail: ‘You may choose not to receive any further e-mails of this kind from [your name] simply by replying to this e-mail with the word ‘unsubscribe’ in the subject box. There is no charge for doing this.’

(c) Include your full name and geographical address in the main body of the e-mail.

This information must be at least as prominent as any other text in the e-mail.

Snap Surveys may change the detail of this requirement for purposes concerned with data protection, privacy or the regulation of the use of electronic communications by giving you notice in writing, by e-mail or by a posting on a web page, and if it does you will ensure that any subsequent e-mails comply with that new requirement.

If any person asks that no more e-mails be sent to a specified e-mail address, whether by using the ‘unsubscribe’ process or not, you will comply with that request promptly. Snap Surveys may also take such steps as it considers are appropriate to ensure that any such request is complied with.

If the particular service you are using allows you the option of giving access to your survey results via the web, then before any third party user may view any survey results with your permission, you must assign an access code to that user and the user must accept the then applicable Terms of Use.

Our Responsibilities

Snap Surveys web based services are available 24/7. The hardware and supporting systems are monitored and service checked every 5 minutes. Snap Surveys web based services software is checked every 10 minutes. In both cases, if a fault is identified, an engineer will be informed immediately.

The Snap Surveys web based services servers are monitored 24/7 by internet specialists and video cameras, and safety locks are used to ensure that only authorized personnel have access to the data centre housing those servers and to ensure the safety and security of all data. All technology used with this data centre has been n+1 engineered throughout to avoid any single point of failure in connectivity, redundancy or power. Backup generators, multiple processors, dual routers, cooling systems and battery power banks provide systems redundancy and in the event that the power grid is down, diesel generators supply constant, reliable power for all systems.

Capacity and Maximum Usage

Snap Surveys provides its services to many of its customers, and it may allocate its resources in the way it considers appropriate. Consequently your use of Snap Surveys web based services may be slowed down or delayed at times of high demand.

There are inherent limits on the capacity of these systems to deal with simultaneous responses to individual surveys and simultaneous responses to all surveys live at any given time. We will manage these systems to give the best possible level of performance to all users at all times, within the resources available to us.

Snap Surveys reserves the right to delay the transmission of any e-mails and other data in order to keep the total amount of material being transmitted (including that being transmitted for other customers) within the capacity and limits of the Snap Surveys systems.

You may have up to 40,000 individuals on the invitation list for each survey. E-mail invitations may be sent out at a maximum of 15 per minute per account. If you use your own mailing service the same restriction applies.

Data Protection

Snap Surveys is acting as your data processor, but it is your responsibility to control the personal data held on the Snap Surveys web based servers. You should comply with all Data Protection Laws, and should you breach any aspects of these laws, you will be responsible for reimbursing Snap Surveys for any losses, damages, costs (including legal costs) and expenses incurred by it, or awarded against it, as a result of any such breach by you.

Ordering and Payment

If use of Snap Surveys web based services is included as part of the purchase price of another Snap Surveys product or service then your subscription to the service lasts for the duration of the licence for the product or service purchased. If use of Snap Surveys web based services is by subscription you must have a copy of Snap Professional and current Snap Plus (previously CoverPlan/Annual Maintenance) membership.

Snap Surveys will issue an invoice for any charges due (and any applicable VAT) following receipt of a completed order form. Should you exceed your selected number of Snap Units, the service will continue and you will be invoiced for the next tier of Snap Units plus the then applicable administration charge. A Snap Unit is a survey response or 1Mb, or part thereof, of attachment uploaded with a survey response. Should you wish to upgrade your subscription in any way (level of subscription, number of Snap Units, number of researchers, number of clients etc) you will be invoiced at your request. Should you require additional bespoke services such as data recovery, you will be quoted a price before work commences.

Should you choose to use the File Attachment feature, each 1Mb, or part thereof, of attachment uploaded with a survey response will be treated as a Snap Unit and charged accordingly. Uploaded attachments will be stored by Snap on the Snap WebHost servers for a maximum of 12 months, after which they will be deleted. Should you require continued access to your attachments you should download and store them on your own system before they are deleted from the Snap WebHost servers.

You should ensure that payment in cleared funds is received by Snap Surveys within 30 days of our invoice date, as Snap Surveys reserves the right to withdraw your access to Snap Surveys online services and to remove existing survey data from the system.

Access Restriction

Snap Surveys reserves the right to restrict access to your account and/or surveys for any commercially necessary reason, at its sole discretion.

E&OE Snap Surveys Ltd 01/12