Hopefully you are enjoying our new survey platform Snap XMP.

We have worked hard to streamline processes and promote collaboration, helping to make your life easier.

But if you need a little help in getting adjusted, we’ve put together a Snap XMP Upgrade course to help you get up to speed.

Guiding you through everything that’s new in Snap XMP

We’ll take you through the differences between Snap 11 and Snap XMP, plus what is new within both Snap XMP Desktop and Snap XMP Online.

This includes:

  • Templates and new question styles
  • Online/offline mode
  • Auto-sync to keep surveys up to date
  • New design & style features
  • Added validation functionality
  • Participants, quotas & partial responses
  • Easy sharing of resources between clients and colleagues
  • New analysis functionality shown includes new reports and improved chart styles.

We will also look at the improved integration of our offline interviewer app.

Pricing – available from $74 per person when you book 4 places

This course will be $299.

It lasts approximately 3 hours and is open to up to 4 attendees.

Get in touch to arrange your session

Please talk to us and let us know your availability.

Email the team at sales@snapsurveys.com or call us at 603-610-8700.

This course is offered for a limited time only.