Fall Webinar Series 2018 – Recorded sessions

Hints, tips and ideas to enhance your questionnaires and build better reports

Join Nathan Pritchard and Marc Ellison as they share hints and tips to help you work smarter, be more productive, and achieve greater insights from your data.

Questionnaire Design

Survey Templates / Question Libraries

  • Creating a branded template to ensure every touchpoint with the customer is consistent
  • Automatically adding standard questions and statements into each new questionnaire such as GDPR statements and introductions
  • Building a library of everyday questions and statements that can be inserted into a new questionnaire

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Removing personal data from a survey / Bulk cleaning of Data

  • Comply with respondents requests to be forgotten
  • Anonymize survey responses by removing personal data

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Adaptive Surveys

  • Creating a custom experience based upon device type
  • Choosing the right images for different devices
  • Using different question styles based on editions to optimize customer experience

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Sliders and Map Controls / Drag and Drop

  • Make your surveys engaging with interactive features
  • New Emoji-style rating scale
  • Advice on which image controls to use with which devices
  • Introducing our new drag and drop style questions.

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Smarter Reports

Download the file which contains all the examples from these four sessions on Smart Reporting

Smart Reporting 1 – Cell Referencing and Static Benchmarking

  • Add dynamic commentary to your tables and charts
  • Compare your data against a known external dataset such as National figures, a target or perhaps last year’s data

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Smart Reporting 2 – Global Filtering / Dynamic Benchmarking

  • Filter multiple analyses at the click of a button
  • Compare your data with a dynamic benchmark. i.e. Compare results from one site or department against the entire organization

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Smart Reporting 3 – Add Context to your Summary Report and Creating Simple Reports

  • Use ‘Context’ to create individualized reports for each site or department
  • Build up a simple Smart Report using existing analyses and run them to ‘Context’

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Smart Reporting 4 – Reusable Reports, Conditional Inclusion and Sharing Resources across surveys

  • Using smaller sub reports to create a final report
  • Save time by sharing these sub reports and other resources across different surveys
  • Exclude areas of a report based on set criteria

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