Frederick Community College (FCC) offers programs and courses for people of all ages, and is based in Maryland USA.

Needing online surveys with access to real-time results

FCC asked us for an online system for students to give feedback on courses and instructors. The system must be easy to use and faculty staff should be able to access real-time, benchmarked results.

How our Projects Team delivered our client’s goals

Students log in to see a personalised list of all courses for which they are required to give feedback, and the completion status of each. Automatic email invite and reminders are sent to help students keep up to date with feedback.

Faculty staff can view and share real-time reports both on and offline, containing:

  • Course satisfaction shown as a mean score.
  • Response level for each instructor.
  • All student comments.

To help assess performance across all areas, reports contain benchmarks at the following levels:

  • Department vs Total school.
  • Instructor vs Dept vs Total school.
  • Course vs Dept vs School.