Service insights Ltd provides expertise in customer feedback and service research – made possible with the power of the Snap XMP platform

Customer satisfaction feedback is incredibly important to the UK social housing sector.

This supports ongoing improvements in the service quality and its value for money, as well as gaining a better understanding of social issues facing local communities and individual tenants.

Leeds Federated Housing Association – a social housing provider with over 4,000 homes in Yorkshire – wanted to understand their customers’ perceptions of their services in order to support decision making and how best to meet their needs, whilst also being able to benchmark annual performance against other social housing providers.

This is undertaken through the Survey of Tenants and Residents (STAR survey) – the established approach for measuring customer satisfaction in social housing.

Email alerts for real-time reactions

Leeds Federated commissioned Service Insights Ltd to co-design a quarterly perception survey to sample 150 of their customers.

They conducted telephone interviews and input responses into Snap XMP.

Questions touched on key issues such as the quality of the home or repairs and maintenance, whilst also exploring cross-cutting themes such as the ease of interacting with the organisation, listening to customer views and ‘doing what they say’.

Closed questions such as these were also enriched by using open free-text response options.

Additionally, applying a ‘hot alert’ system to quickly notify the organisation of any significant service dissatisfaction or potential complaints strengthened Leeds Federated’s position to resolve such issues positively, thereby reducing complaints and improving customer satisfaction.

Staying ‘one step ahead’ of customers’ needs

The quarterly feedback results are shared with Leeds Federated’s operational staff, leadership team and Board, and are integrated into their balanced scorecard performance management tool. Results are also shared with customers and involved tenants, such as through Leeds Federated’s Challenger Panel.

Overall, the customer feedback maintains insight into customer experience, service performance and perceptions of value for money.

Most importantly, it ensures Leeds Federated is continually updated about customers’ needs; keeping them one step ahead by enabling them to adapt their services accordingly.