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Mergers and acquisitions rely on due diligence to verify the viability of an investment or takeover.

“Due diligence is a process of verification, investigation, or audit of a potential deal or investment opportunity to confirm all relevant facts and financial information.”
Corporate Finance Institute

Issac.ai estimates more than 50% of investments are written off after a few years as a result of a lack of understanding of the candidate company.

They specialize in completing due diligence on behalf of their clients, using data and analysis to minimize the clients’ risk when looking to invest in other businesses.

Formed in 2014, Issac.ai is a US-based start up that offers Due Diligence as a Service to clients looking to invest or merge with any businesses.

The key to this due diligence is an eight-module assessment survey which is created and supported with Snap Surveys software.

The survey is completed by the company seeking investment (or acquisition) and the results are used by the investor to inform their decision making. We came on board when Issac.ai needed a survey platform that could live up to the complex needs of their work.

“We chose Snap surveys as our platform because of its power to support both our survey requirements and our reporting requirements. It also provides an email alert system that was a significant value add for us.”

Advanced analysis and live tracking of results

The Issac:Lite assessment is an online survey hosted on our survey platform, accessible via Issac.ai’s website.

Once a questionnaire is completed, advanced analysis features allow Issac to review results and present investors with key findings essential to due diligence. These results would likely have not been discovered without the use of Isaac’s capabilities.

Our platform offers a live results tracking capability that keeps Issac.ai in regular contact with customers. For example, we have an email alert system that enables Issac.ai to send a note to the survey participant featuring their Issac.ai score, along with customized comments based on the score.

This is all done automatically.

The alert system also provides Issac.ai with a notification when someone completes an assessment, meaning Issac.ai can take the appropriate next steps without delay.

“We strategically monitor both participant’s response to our questions and client investors response to the analysis provided.”

From an investor’s point of view, knowing Issac.ai is on the ball with the live tracking of results can offer reassurance that they’ve chosen the right company for their due diligence.

A platform capable of the complex

We were delighted to provide Issac.ai with the capabilities that other platforms couldn’t.

“Snap Surveys accommodates our complicated and proprietary scoring methodology and we did not identify another survey platform that could handle our mathematics.

“We thought we were going to have to raise capital to fund development of a custom platform. Snap Surveys was a solution we could fund within our early stage budget. It allows us to explore and mature our market without having to make a large investment in technology.”

Unanticipated benefits

Issac.ai’s work has helped investors to identify company founders that were a little “wild” in their projections for the business. Investors have been able to use Isacc.ai’s analysis to inform detailed follow-up interviews on key points that likely would not have surfaced otherwise.

Time = Money

Investors have seen increased value from their due diligence since using Issac.ai.

“Research indicates that, for Angel investors, there is a direct relationship between the number of hours spent in due diligence and the ultimate performance of their portfolio.

“That same research suggests that 50 hours is optimal while the average Angel invests 20 hours or less performing due diligence on each of their investments.  Issac.ai replaces the equivalent of at least 16 hours of due diligence, thereby increasing the value of additional due diligence time invested by the individual investor.”

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