Vital feedback to ensure NHS services are performing as intended

Gloucestershire Care Services required assistance with creating, coordinating and distributing surveys across all of their services.

Using the full capabilities of our survey platform and our team’s expertise

Gloucestershire Care Services use Snap Survey software to undertake the Friends and Family test, clinical audits, annual surveys and ad hoc surveys when they want to look at certain areas in more depth. These surveys are distributed in a range of formats and use Snap’s extensive features, from complex routing to email alerts.

Friends and Family Test

The Friends and Family Test is a national survey that all NHS trusts are required to do. They have to have a token response rate of 15%, which means that Gloucestershire Care Services is collecting about 2,000 responses each month for this one survey. With Snap Survey software it’s easy for them to collate these responses each month, report on them, and react quickly to patient feedback.

Text and email invitations

As part of the Friends and Family Test, automated text messages or emails are sent out when patients are discharged, set up from patient records. Other services also use text and email invitations, depending on their patient group. The invitation includes a link to a survey, and Gloucestershire Care Services is able to view the responses immediately.

Clinical Audits

All of their services have to do a number of clinical audits each year, some statutory and some optional. And while a lot of trusts use Excel or paper, Gloucestershire Care Services is using Snap Survey software so that clinical staff can input the data directly, and simplify the process.

Multi-format surveys

Each service has different requirements, so they are using a range of different survey formats, all created in Snap. For some services, where they mainly see elderly patients, paper surveys work best. For others, Gloucestershire Care Services is using a combination of paper surveys, mobile surveys and online surveys to boost their response rates.

Email alerts

For certain surveys, Gloucestershire Care Services has set up email alerts. If someone selects a certain answer; either raising an issue or highlighting something that needs investigating, then an email alert is sent to the Patient Experience Team, so that they can pick up any concerns and liaise with the services accordingly.

The Outcome

Gloucestershire Care Services has improved the reach of their surveys by being able to use different distribution methods, with various questionnaire formats. Using Snap Survey software has enabled them to gather more feedback, and react to and resolve more problems.